Redbourn Memories

 Geoff Webb

The Campfield Press


ISBN  0 9509138 1 2


A collection of photographs organised under the headings; Families; The Village at Work; Infants School; Girls School; Boys School; Farming; Familiar Faces of the Past; Football Club; Cricket Club; Events, Happenings and Outings; The Second World War; Various Groups and Well-known Villagers; The Village before the 1930s.


This is an unusual and particularly useful collection of local photographs in that most of the pictures are of individual people or groups AND in nearly every case some or all of the people in the pictures are named. Unfortunately there is no index.


Further photographs can be found in

The Character of Redbourn


Football Teams pictured



c 1909

c 1910


c 1920


c 1925




c 1948

c 1950


and even more in

The Character of Redbourn




1899 Team

Back Row: ? Carke, ? Belshaw, J. Holtham, --, Walter Hyde, Sam Skillman, Perce Jarman, ? Arnold, John Sansom, ? Rose

Middle row: ? Halsey, T. Squires, Tom Jarman, F. Pratt

Front row: C. Purdey, Dick Quick


There are pictures of a number of school football and cricket teams


Cricket Club Pictures:

c 1890, c 1916, c 1935,  c 1937, c 1942,c 1944, c 1947, c 1949, 1967

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