The first census transcript to become available was the 1881 Census and this page was originally prepared to show one way in which the CD could be processed.


1881 Census

Advanced Search - Entertainers in Hertfordshire

Following a visit to the web site Theatre UK it was decided to see what members of the entertainment profession were in Hertfordshire in 1881. As a result an advanced search of the 1881 census CD containing Hertfordshire was carried out using the following parameters:

Hertford and (actress|actor|singer|comedian|theatrical)

The search produced a lot of "false drops" where, for example, one person in a lodgings was an actor and another person at the same address came from Hertfordshire, but the following were located.

Lucille J. DUDLEY, a 20 year old actress born in France (British subject) was visiting Belvedere, East Barnet Road, East Barnet.

Charly TABY, a 36 year old singer born in Hertford was visiting Butcherly Green, Hertford St John.

Charles COGHLAN, a 38 year old actor and dramatic author born in Paris (British Subject) was living at Queensbury Lodge, Aldenham.

In addition four "Jubilee Singers (Mission)" from America were staying at the George Inn, High Street, Berkhamsted. They were Peter H Stokes (29), Georgina Clack (29), Margret Stokes (25) and Laura Cook (27).

In addition Ellen WICKS, 48 year old wife of a theatrical assistant was living at Upper Kitsbury Road, Berkhamsted.

A limited check of the London disc found a number of entries including

Charles J. BICKENDEN (32, born Hemel Hempstead), a singer and author visiting 8 Tavistock Square, St Pancras, London.

Frank ROYSTON (27, born Berkhamsted) was a comedian living at 52 College Place, St Pancras, London.

Henry G. RIDLEY (52, born Rickmansworth) was a theatrical carpenter living at 15 Sardinia Street, St Clement Danes, London.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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