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Playing Hockey at Arundale House, Letchworth

To Gordon Hosking, 4 Cambridge Road, New Malden, Surrey.

Have just been attending an Educational Conference at Letchworth and am now on my way to another at Arnhem, Holland.

May ?Arewerton?

Posted August 8, 1924

[No publisher information on card]

The school did not actually bear the name St Christopher from the start, and there are those who would see the start of St Christopher School from 1920, when it began its active existence in its new buildings. This was, however, only a re-christening of what began as the Garden City Theosophical School, and was for a while also known as Arundale School. Thus we trace our founding back to the start of the theosophical school on 20th January 1915.


The School has a web site, which contains some history, at 

A relevant paper is For the Common Good of All: education and the Hertfordshire Garden Cities, 1904 in the Journal of Vocational Education and Training, Vol. 49. No. 2. 1997. [Online Text] It deals with both Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City.

September 2007

Paul Adams (PaulAdamsinNZ @t of Massey University, New Zealand is researching a PhD on aspects relating to Beatrice Ensor [Wikipedia] who had a major role in the founding of St Christopher's school [Wikipedia].

November 2013

Apparently the school had some Buchanan post cards - details wanted

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