The Tradesmen's Local Advertiser





Life is full of ephemera - everyday things we take for granted and throw away when we have finished with them. As such they rarely survive but if they do they can fill in details of your ancestors everyday life.

While every day receipts are less likely to survive ones related to property transfer were normally kept.


Printed and Published by John K. King & Son, 12 Albert Street, Manchester

John K. King & Son beg to intimate to their Advertising Subscribers that the Tradesmen's Advertiser will be circulated only through the publications directly emanating from them.


When you buy a magazine now-a-days you will usually find loose advertising leaflets enclosed between the pages. This is nothing new, and the Tradesmen's Local Advertiser was inserted into magazines for the relevant area. The copy shown here includes advertisements from Luton, Harpenden and Bedford.

The above detail shows advertisement for two Harpenden tradesmen, B. Jarman, plumber, painter and House decorator; and R. Crick, 7 Station Road, Harpenden.


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