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The Era




The Era was a London Weekly Newspaper first published in September 1838

It contains plenty of general news - as can be seen in the article on bribery in the 1841 election at St Albans (published 14 February, 1841).

It is available online in the

British Newspaper Archive

from 1838-1900

"Commenced in 1838 as a champion of publicans' interests, but ... soon devoted itself more particularly to theatrical matters" (Bourne, H.R. Fox). "It is the acknowledged organ of the Theatrical and Musical professions. Its attention to the Theatrical and Music Hall profession secures it the favour of those extensive bodies, both in London, abroad, and the provinces" (Mitchell, 1900).


The paper proved invaluable in helping to track down the movements of the Excelsior and Pavilion Portable Theatres in Hertfordshire.



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