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In 1963 the paper published a massive supplement which included  a reproduction of the front page of the first issue  and a picture of its former offices (now demolished) at 101 High Street, Watford.

In addition to the Centenary supplement the paper has published many others. Ones mentioned in more detail on the site are:

Charter Souvenir, 1922

Watford at the turn of the century (1900-1909)
First of a series covering 10 year periods published in 1999

 The booklet A Tour through Hertfordshire by W B Gerish (1921) and the book the History of Watford by W. R. Saunders (1931) are based on articles published in the newspaper.

Microfilm of the paper is available in Watford Central Library.

The paper is still being published and has a web site with a Nostalgia Page

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