OCCUPATIONS mentioned in


An Accurate New

Spelling Dictionary, and Expositor

of the

English Language

by A. Fisher

Third Edition



Occupation and their names have changed over the centuries and I have decided to extract all words in this 1777 directory which relate to an occupation that might be recorded in contemporary texts.

Initially I have listed all such words beginning with "A" but will add additional letters when I have time. In the meantime, if you want me to look up a specific occupation-related word for you why not tell me.


This is a very interesting early dictionary, and as far as I know there are no copies of the third edition in an major library. If anyone is interested I can add information on the history of this directory.

Abbot   the head of a society of monks
Academist   a student in an academy
Accipient   a receiver
Acolothist   a servitor to a mass-priest
Actionary or Actionist   a proprietor of stock in a public company
Actor   he that acts on a stage
Actress   a women player
Adjutant   an assistant, an officer in the army that carries orders
Administrator   he who administers
Administrix   she who admisisters
Admiral   a principal sea officer
Advancer   a promoter, a forwarder
Adventurer   an enterpriser
Advertiser   who or what gives intelligence
Adviser   a counsellor, a friend
Advocate   a pleader, a defender
Agent   the actor or doer; one who transacts business for another
Aid-de-Camp   a military officer
Alchemist   a studier of alchymy
Alderman   an incorporate magistrate
Algebraist   one skilled in algebra
Almoner   a distributor of alms
Anatomist   he who anatomizes
Anchoret   a hermit, a recluse
Angler   one who fishes with an angle
Annalist   a writer of annals
Annotator   a commentator
Annuitant   one receiving a annuity
Antiquary   one studious of antiquity
Appraiser   one who sets a value on goods
Apprentice   a covenanted servant to learn a business
Arbitrator   the determiner
Archbishop   a chief bishop
Archdeacon   a bishop's deputy
Archer   one who uses a bow
Architect   a chief builder, designer
Arithmetician   one skilled in arithmetic
Armorer   one who preserves arms
Artificer   an artist, a manufacturer
Artisan or Artist   a workman, one skilled in mechanics
Asceptic   a hermit, recluse
Assessor   he that  lays taxes
Astrologer   who foretels by stars
Astronomer   who studies the stars
Attorney   who acts for another
Auctioneeer   manager of an auction
Augur   a diviner, an astrologer
Author   a beginner, inventor or contriver, author of book