Military Camps

Ashridge Park

July 1914


Territorial Camp and some of the Famous Beeches

Ashridge Park, Berkhamsted, July 1914

Photo: J T Newman



Territorial Force, Army Camp, Ashridge Park, Herts, 1914, ww1, beech trees

This photograph, and the two multiview photographs (above and below) are simply identified as

Ashridge, 1914

There is no photographer or publisher information


Territorial Force, Army Camp, Ashridge Park, Herts, 1914, ww1

The Knuts at Work

'The Knuts' Men of the 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regimental at work during their summer camp in 1914.


Herts at War Photo

  Herts Regiment soldiers preparing for 1914 Summer Camp at Ashridge

"Soldiers leaving Camp",

July 1914


From Fragments from an Old Photo Album, 1911-1919


Another photograph from the album confirms the camp portrayed was the July 1914 one - as it was taken from virtually the same position as the bottom right picture of the second multi-view cards - showing an identical arrangement of tents.


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