Tring in War Time, 1914-1919


Extracts from the Bucks Herald of 6th February, 1915

Edited from British Newspaper Archive

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This week's paper contained a very full account of the Tring Agricultural Society Annual General Meeting which included details relating to the 1914 show which was disrupted by the outbreak of war, and the cancellation of the 1915 show. This week there were no casualties to report, and only indirect references to the troops billeted in the Town. However readers of the paper were reminded of the War with a recruitment advertisement, the farmers were grumbling about labour shortages, and Cannon Wood needed a chauffer. Training of volunteers for the Tring Ambulance Division continued. It was decided that, because of the war, this was not a good time to install a steam laundry at the workhouse.

Mrs Huckvale, wife of the local architect William Huckvale, died and there had to be an inquest into the death of William Wells, a farm labourer from Puttenham. Mr Morrison, who accident was reported last week, is recovering and a pharmacist has been recruited to keep his chemists shop open. William Kingham sued Jesse Collings for unpaid rent, while J. G. Williams of Pendley was to the the prisedent of the Shire Horse Society.

One local institution was in trouble. The Rose and Crown Hotel lost its licence - along with some other establishments at Berkhamsted, Chipperfield and Little Gaddesden. However this was on a technicality and a revise application could be expected. In fact the hotel was currently advertising for a new kitchenmaid.

Surnames mentioned in this week's extracts: Baker, Barter, Bull, Collings, Craufurd, Crosland, Gettings, Gooderham, Goulder, Hearne, Huckvale, Humphreys, Jeffery, Kingham, Maciver, Mapley, Mead, Morrison, Mullett, O'Keefe, Part, Putnam, Reeve, Rothschild, Wells, Williams, Wood, Woodley - plus many more associated with the Tring Agricultural Society.



HIGH-STREET UNITED FREE CHURCH. - On Sunday evening the special monthly service will be held. The Rev. George Crosland, Wesleyan Chaplain to the Forces, will preach, and Private A. C. Goulder will sing twice.

Death of Mrs. Huckvale. - We regret to announce that Mrs. William Huckvale passed away early this week. The deceased lady had been a great sufferer, and the course of her last long and painful illness has been followed with sympathetic interest by her many friends. The greatest sympathy is extended on all sides to the bereaved husband and family.

Health of Mr. Morrison. - Mr. Morrison, we are glad to learn, is recovering from the effects of his recent serious accident. Although no bones were broken the muscles of his leg were badly crushed, and he is suffering from shock to badly crushed, and he is suffering from shock to the system. It is expected that it will be some days before he is able to get about again. For a day or two the pharmacy was closed, but the services of a qualified assistant have now been secured, and the business is going on usual.

The Parish Church. - Services on Sunday, Feb. 7 (Sexagesima Sunday). Holy Eucharist, at 7 and 8. Matins. 11; Venite and Psalms, set (Cathedral Psalter); "Te Deum, 2nd set; " Benedictus, Troutbook; Hymns 164, 282, 290. voluntary, "Festival March (Frank Austin). Evensong. Psalms, as set ; " Magnificat," Barnby; "Nunc Dimittis," Ouseley; Hymns 172, 193. 517. voluntary, "Grand March in (Beethoven). Intercessions for Foreign Missions after Evensong. A. H. Baker. F.R.C.O., Organist and Choirmaster..  

DEFENCE of the REALM REGULATIONS,  Major General C. St L. BARTER,  2nd London Division, T.F., Headquarters, SI. ALBANS, Wendover Training Area viz. . Tring Urban Northchurch Tring Rural Gt. Berkhampstead Urban Puttenham Gt. Berkhamsted Rural Aldbury Little Gaddesden Wigginton Nettledon Bedfordshire included in the 3rd Army Defence Area, viz., Luton Borough, Luton, Ampthill, and Leighton Buzzard Police Divisions, the Borough of Dunstable, and Woburn Petty Sessional Division. C. B. WOOD, Lt-Colonel, Assistant Provost Marshal, St. Albans, 2nd London Division,

Luton Times & Advertiser, 5 February, 1915


At meeting of certificated members held at the Cattle Market, Brook-street, Jan. 26, it was decided to form an Ambulance Division for the town, to be called the Tring Division. The Rev. H. E. U. Bull presided, and the members present were Messrs. G. G. Jeffery, F. Reeve, G. Putnam, F. Woodley, P. Bull, H. A. Mullett, and S. S. Gettings. Sergt.-Major Gooderham, R.A.M.C., was also present.

Mr. Gettings explained the object of the meeting and pointed out the alternative methods of forming a Division, particularly with regard to being attached to the St. John Ambulance Association or the Territorial Reserve. Sergt.-Major Gooderham fully explained the matter, and answered various questions. Mr. G. G. Jeffery, who has taken a keen interest in the formation of the Division, was appointed hon. secretary, and it was decided to ask Dr. Anderson to act as surgeon to the Division. The subscription for ordinary members was fixed at 1s. per annum. Thanks were accorded to Dr. Anderson for giving his services as instructor to the class for the series of lectures held in October and November, also to Sergt.-Major Gooderham for his kindness in assisting at the classes, and for his help in forming the Division.

It proposed to hold fortnightly practices on the first and third Tuesday in the month, at 8.15. t the Cattle Market, commencing on Feb. 16. Mr. G. G. Jeffery will give any information to anyone interested the work of the Division. The Tring section is in connection with the St. John Ambulance Association.


After a welcome spell of dry cold weather, on Sunday snow fell slightly different in parts of Bucks, and on Monday night we had a return to the old wet and muggy conditions. A period of settled fine weather is urgently required in order to push on agricultural operations, which are now in arrear in many places. Some complaints are made in the county regarding the scarcity of labour, and these are likely to increase as the season advances. English wheat is very firm, and has been in better demand at Mark Lane.

At the annual meeting of the Tring Agricultural Society. Mr. W. N. Mead mentioned that the farmers the district were being circularised with a view to subscribing to the British Red Cross Society. The appeal is made for £100,000 from the agricultural industry in the United Kingdom on behalf of the Red Cross and St. John Ambulance Societies. If this sum is raised £20,000 will be devoted to the provision and maintenance for one year, if necessary, of two fever hospitals in Servia. and £80,000 to the work of the British Red Cross for the aid the wounded in England and on the Continent with a certain amount allotted specially to definite schemes which they have in view. These two hospitals in Servia will known as the British Farmers’ Hospital for Servians, and each hospital will be staffed with some 40 nurses, and 4 or 5 doctors and bacteriologists. The medical stores and equipment will be sent from England. The agricultural industry has never been behindhand in supporting deserving causes, and while necessarily its charity is not restricted to what might be called business funds, but is given where the appeal is worthy, at the same time this appeal deserves earnest consideration.

... ...

Lord Rothschild purchased Mr. Colin Maciver’s Blaisdon Jupiter II. at the Peterborough Shire sale for 200 guineas.



 WANTED at Once a good strong young Woman as KITCHENMAID. age 21 to 26; good home and wages —Apply ROSE AND CROWN HOTEL, Tring.



An inquest was held at the Parish Room on Monday evening into the circumstances attending the death of William Wells, a labourer, of Puttenham, aged 69 years. Clara Mapley of Puttenham, said her father was brought home in a closed carriage from Tring on Saturday, evidently very ill. They helped him into the house, and placed him in armchair in the kitchen. She asked him if he would have some tea, and he said would rest first. He then laid back in his chair and passed away.

George Mapley, son-in-law of deceased, deposed to being called his home and finding deceased sitting in an armchair in the kitchen, with his head back, quite dead. He at once sent for Dr. O'Keeffe.

Mrs. Jessie Hearne, 42, High-street, Tring, stated that the deceased had been living her for about three months. He came home ill on Wednesday, Jan. 27, and laid in bed all day Thursday. He got up on Friday afternoon, and sat up till 7 p.m. He come downstairs on Saturday morning and got ready to start for Gamnel Wharf to meet his son-in-law, who was taking him to Puttenham. Witness gave him some brandy, and after he had taken it he fell down on the hearthrug in the kitchen. Witness fetched a relative of deceased (Mrs. Humphreys, King-street), and they laid deceased on the couch in the front room. He soon came round, and wanted to out and get a shave. As witness was ill herself, she sent for a brougham to take him away to his son-in-law's home. Deceased left her house at 3 o'clock.

Dr. C. E. O'Keeffe, of Tring. said he was called to see the deceased on Saturday afternoon, and arrived at Puttenham about 5.30 p.m., finding him quite dead. He had not seen deceased before death. He had made examination of the body, and found no marks of violence.

The jury returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes."


CHAUFFEUR Required for duration of War; F.I.A.T. Landaulette; willing to be useful spare time—Apply, stating wages, &c., CANON H. T. WOOD, Aldbury Rectory, Tring.


Board of Guardians. - Mr. H. R. G. Craufurd presided at the fortnightly meeting of the Board on Monday. There was not much business of public interest. The question of providing a steam laundry at the Poor Law Institution again came up. In the course of a rather long discussion the opinion was freely expressed that the present was an inopportune time for embarking upon such expensive project. Eventually it was decided to postpone the question for six months, or until the close of the war.

Brewster Sessions. - The annual licensing meeting for the Division was held on Wednesday he licences of the Rose and Crown Hotel, Tring the King Arms, Berkhamsted, the Bridgewater Arms, Little Gaddesdcn, and the Brewers, Chipperfield, were ordered to stand over. These houses are owned by the Home Counties Public House Trust, and all the licences are in the name of Mr. Alexander P. Part, the managing director of the Trust. The system of granting a number of licences to one person who is not actively engaged in the management of the houses has several times been objected to. and the Magistrates did not renew these licences on Wednesday



Before His Honour Judge Scully. 

Unpaid Rent. - William Kingham, Ferndale. Western-road, Tring, v. Jesse Collings, Akeman-street. Tring. This was a claim for £1:10. arrears of rent. - His Honour having examined the rent book, made an order for the payment of £1:6:3, at 3s. per month.


... They had hired Halstead Blue Blood and Laggy Thumper for the ensuing season from Lord Rothschild, and bearing in mind the great drain on horses which was going on, he advised the members to breed from them as much as possible  ... The Chairman next proposed that Mr. J G. Williams, of Pendley Manor. Tring, be President for the ensuing year Mr. F. Lester seconded, and it was carried unanimously.


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