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1724   Tring saves money with a Workhouse  This is the earliest reference to Tring I have found - and suggests that Tring, together with Berkhamsted, Watford and Aylesbury had been able to reduce Poor Rates by using workhouses.
1740   Fatal accident in Tring Park   The son of minister, Rev. Randolph, dies in riding accident in Mr. Gore's park.
1753   A Chancery Case involving Joseph Adkins of Tring    This frustratingly short report raises the question of how someone in the workhouse can fight and win a court case in Chancery.
1754   Fraud at Tring  
1775   Tring defeated by Wendover at Cricket   The earliest reference I have found to Tring playing Cricket
1800   Opening of the Grand Junction Canal through Tring
1827   A Fist Fight at Wigginton  The account of the fight, in which one of the fighters died, was reported around the country.
1835   Cricket - Tring v Berkhamsted   The earliest cricket match involving Tring which gives the score card
1836   Fire at Tring Silk Mill  Detailed account of fire which affected the top three floors of the mill.
1842   Fire at Tring Silk Mill  A very brief mention of a second smaller fire
1842   Opening of the National School, Tring
1843   Auction of Bakehouse and Chapel at Long Marston
1849   Stealing a tea-caddy at Tring
1853   Sale of the Tring Grove Estate  Following the death of Viscount Lake the estate is sold in connection with a case in the Court of Chancery
1853   The inquest of John Bagnall at Tring  A Brief Inquest Report on death of John Bagnall
1859   Tring Agricultural Society  Includes the names of many local farmers and farm workers
1860   Formation of Tring Rifle Corps
1860   Short Weights in the Tring & Hemel Areas
1861   Fire at Miswell Farm, Tring  Buildings destroyed but farmhouse saved - arson suspected
1866   Inquest into Mary Ann Parish at Aldbury who died of arsenic poisoning
1872   An Earth Closet at the Tring Agricultural Show   Work of a local inventor
1881   Sale of Farm Stock at Town Farm, Aldbury (late William Ashby, sale by William Brown)
1887   Obituary of Benjamin Crouch, of Miswell Farm, Tring
1889   Visit of the Shah of Persia to Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Visit included Hatfield, Ashridge and the Rothschilds at Halton
1890   Stealing Money at Tring    Account of case in Magistrates Court in Hemel Hempstead
1890   Stealing Silk Stockings at Tring  Account of case in Magistrates Court in Hemel Hempstead
1890   Sale of Building Land at Tring  Sale of plots  in the Longfield Road area
1897   Two killed by Lightning at the Tring Agricultural Show   Death of Joseph Putman and Esther Keen
1897   Pickpockets at the Tring Agricultural Show  Trial of man arrested for pickpocketing
1900   Football at Tring Grove  Tring C.L.B. played football against Hempstead Youths in Grove Park, Tring
1914   The Tring Agricultural Show in 1914 Disruptive effect of declaration of War - and horses taken for the army
1914   Tring at War - November 1914: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, December: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Tring at War - January 1915: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, February: 6th (Tring Show), 13th, 20th, 27th

March: 6th, 13th, 20th. 27th, April: 3rd, 10th, 17th (Edward Barber V.C.)

1915   Tring Agricultural Society AGM

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The Book Letters to Tring: The Great War 1914-1919 contains many letters from the Bucks Herald and other sources.

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