Tring in War Time, 1914-1919


Extracts from the Bucks Herald of 27th March, 1915

Edited from British Newspaper Archive

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The big event in Tring this week was the inspection of the troops carried out by Lord Kitchener. There were also concerts for the troops billeted in Tring. Other News items are detailed below.

Holdaway, Gem Picture Hall, Sampson, Darvell,



Visit of Cardinal Vaughan. - On Sunday His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster visited Tring, and administered the sacrament of confirmation at the Mission Church of Corpus Christi. Cardinal Vaughan also gave an address to the soldiers at the Medical Inspection Hall (Victoria Hall)

Life in Canada. - The Rev. Canon Beal, who is associated with the Archbishops Mission to Western Canada, gave an informal talk on life in Canada at the soldiers' Sunday evening service at the Picture Hall. A number of pictures were shown, depicting the beautiful scenery and some of the principal towns of the Dominion, and illustrating the progress and rapid development of the country. The successive stages of the settlers life were described, and attention was particularly called to the efforts which the Church makes to follow with her ministrations the settlers in their new homes. The men were greatly interested in the facts put before them, and at the end heartily endorsed the suggestion of the Rev. Kenneth Kirk, C.F., that a collection should be made for the Archbishops Western Canada Fund.

Boy Scouts 1st Tring SS. Peter and Paul). The District Commissioner, Mr. E. Lidderdale, visited the Troop on Monday, March 15, and presented the first set of war badges won by members of the Troop. The recipients were Patrol-Leader H. S. Barker, and Scouts Howlett, E. Bell, G. Bell, Spencer, Geaves. S. Harrop, and F. Reeve. The work done had been chiefly connection with the Military Hospital. The Commissioner also gave a few words of advice to the elder Scouts, who are candidates for the "Red Feather." The following badges have been awarded :Cyclists; E. Bell and G. Bell. Tailor, Second W. Birch. (Examiner, Mr. H. E. Cosier). H. S. Barker has been appointed leader of the Wolf Patrol, in succession to A. Halsey, who has joined the Herts Territorials.-"Tring Church Magazine."

Health of the Rev. C. Pearce. - We are sorry to hear that the Pastor at High-street Church is very ill. For a number of years Mr. Pearce's eyes have caused him a great deal of trouble, and on Saturday last they were particularly bad, causing him to fear was going to be blind. Accompanied by Mr. Ernest Clark, Mr. Pearce travelled to London and consulted a specialist, on whose advice he went to the West London Hospital, Hammersmith, to await an operation. The waiting proved too much for Mr. Pearce's overwrought nerves, and on Sunday, in response to an urgent telegram, Mr. Clark went to London again and brought Mr. Pearce home. The Pastor at High-street Church is always a busy man. but since the coming of the troops to Tring his activities have increased in many directions. The strain has proved too much for him. An operation was successfully performed on Thursday morning, which it is hoped will assist Mr. Pearce's sight. The patient, happily, is going as well as can be expected.

The St. John Ambulance Brigade (Tring Division). - We are pleaded to be able to state that the Tring Division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade is now fully sanctioned by the Headquarters in London. The Division, which is in what is known as No. X. District, under Deputy Commissioner Colonel Elliston, desires to be a real help to the public. In equipment it possesses a stretcher and a first-aid surgical haversack, which by kind consent of the Urban District Council will kept at the fire station. A notice will shortly be posted on the Akeman-street corner of the fire station, giving names and addressee of all the members of the Brigade. Practices are held every week at 8.15 p.m. on Tuesdays, at the Cattle Market office. Subject to the approval of Headquarters, the following officers have been elected; Divisional Surgeon, Dr. Anderson; Superintendent. Mr. S. S. Gettings; Sergeant, Mr. H. A. Mullett; Corporals, Messrs. A. J. Bagnall and G. Wright; Hon. Treasurer, the Rev. Guy Beech; Hon. Secretary, Mr. G. G. Jeffery.

Holy Week at the Parish  Church. - (Special Easter activities including) ... the Very Rev. Dr. T. C. Fry. the Dean of Lincoln, has kindly promised to give short addressee in the Parish Church, after Evensong, on the Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday. ... ...

 SERVICES FOR SOLDIERS. - In addition to the services on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings which the Rev. K. E. Kirk, C.F., has arranged at St. Martha's, a lanternservice, "The Story of the Cross" will beheld in the Picture Palace on Good Friday at 7.45 p.m.

The Literary Institute. -  This Society, which was founded about the middle the last century has ceased to exist. Starting as the Mechanics' Institute it first met on the premises of Mr Glover, High-street. Later a move was made to the opposite side of the street, and one of the rooms on the ground floor of Messrs. W. Brown and Co's offices was long used as a reading room. The last move was to the rooms over Mr. G. Grace's shop opposite the Post Office, where as the Literary Institute it flourished for a number of years. Originally it provided the only reading room in the town, but later the now defunct Working Men's Club was founded, and in still more recent years the Constitutional Club. Times change and tastes vary with them. Many of the Society's old members and staunch supporters have passed away, and interest in it has declined. The present generation prefers a club to an institute, a place where men meet for recreation and social intercourse, rather than for serious reading and mutual improvement. So the Literary Institute has been compelled by lack of support to close its doors. But it has served a useful purpose in its day.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

A very successful meeting on behalf of this Society was held on Thursday, 18th inst., in the Gem Picture Palace. The speaker was Mr Teasdale, from London, and the chair was taken by the Rev K. E. Kirk., C.F. ... ...


 On Saturday afternoon Field-Marshal Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for War. paid a brief visit to Tring for the purpose of inspecting various contingents of the 2lst Division who are training in the neighbourhood. The greatest interest was manifested in in the War Secretary’s visit. In the regrettable absence of Lieut.-General Hutton, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., commanding the Division through indisposition, the command was assumed by Brigadier-General T. G. L. H. Armstrong, Commanding Officer of the 62nd Infantry Brigade.

The troops on parade were:

 96th Brigade Royal Field Artillery (Lieut.-Colonel R. C. Coates, D.S.O., commanding);

21st Divisional Royal Engineers (Major C. Coffin,  R.E.. commanding);

97th Field Company Royal Engineers (Major B. S. Phlllpotts, R.E.);

98th Field Company Royal Engineers (Major C. Coffin. R.E.);

126th Field Company Royal Engineers, (Major A. L. Cooper, R.E.).

62nd Infantry Brigade (Brigadier-General T. G. L. H. Armstrong commanding);

12th Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers (Colonel W. B. Mullins);

13th Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers (Colonel W. Prior);

 8th Batt. East Yorkshire Regiment Colonel L. C. Fryer)

10th. Batt. Yorkshire Regiment (Colonel A. de S. Hadow).

14th Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers (Pioneers), (Lieut.-Colonel F. B. Morley)

Divisional Mounted Troops: 21st Divisional Cyclist Company (Major A. O. Vaughan commanding).

Lord Kitchener inspected as many Battalions as the time at his disposal permitted, and afterwards the troops who had been inspected marched past the saluting point where the War Secretary stood with the Staff Officers. On leaving the parade ground he was loudly cheered.

Lord Kitchener made it known that he was much pleased with the appearance of the troops he saw on parade, and was  especially struck with the progress made since he last inspected the troops of the Division.


Two remarkably good concerts for the soldiers have been given at the Medical Inspection Room, Akeman-street. On Saturday evening Captain Williams invited the 13th Northumberland Fusiliers to an entertainment given by London concert artistes, under the direction of Mr. C. F. Grossmith. A popular programme was admirably rendered, and every item was received with loud applause. The following was the programme:

Pianoforte selection, A popular pot pourri," Mr. Owen Lloyd;

Songs, "Up from Somerset" and "Cloe's props," Mr. Chas. Hawthorne;

Humorous Irish ditties, "Are you right there. Mickle" and "Flanagan's flying machine," Mr. R. Y. McKinstry;

Songs, "The sunshine of your smile" and "The rosary" (by request). Miss Dorothy Armstrong;

Lightning sketches. "The village blacksmith, illustrated," and "Popular people," Mr. Maurice Charles (from the Alhambra, W.);

Songs. " When you come home" and "There’s a land," Miss Maud Gates;

Humorous song and sketch, " Since I've parted hair in the middle" and " The art of song writing." Mr. Chas. F. Grossmith;

Songs, "Shipmates of mine" and "The ballad monger." Mr. Wilfred Fisher.

Accompanist, Mr. Owen Lloyd.

The Medical Inspection Room was crowded again on Tuesday evening, when Mr. Lyell Johnson, the Hon. Musical Director of the Soldiers’ Entertainment Fund, and a talented quartet of artistes gave a concert which was greatly appreciated. Miss Amy Holman (contralto) sang most pleasingly a number of favourite ballads; Mr. Hector Lordin’s Scottish ditties were given in a rollicking and Lauderesque style that greatly pleased his audience; and Mr. Henry Beaumont's sleight-of-hand tricks were very cleverly performed. Mr. Lyell Johnston, the conductor, contributed greatly to the success of the evening by his spirited singing and his genial management of affairs The accompanist was Mr. Mavon Ibbs.

The Soldiers' Entertainment Fund have promised to provide a concert for the troops in Tring each week for the next month. The expense of carrying on this work is necessarily heavy, and any contributions towards meeting it will gladly received by the Hon. Secretaries, at the office the fund, 18. Northumberland-avenue, London. W.C.


A meeting of the Council was held at the Market House on Tuesday evening. In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman the Hon. L. Walter Rothschild took the chair. Other Councillors present were Messrs. R. W Allison, C. G. Batchelor, D. Bishop. H. C. Cook,  C. Griffin. T. H. Hedges, W. Smith, and J. G. Williams, with the officers.

Finance: - .-The Clerk reported that the balance in hand on the 31st March would be insufficient to meet the cheques which were being drawn, and it was decided to ask Lord Rothschild if he would kindly let the Council have £150 on account of half-share of the maintenance, etc., of the hospital, as promised him.

The Highways. At meeting of this Committee on the 22nd inst. there were present Messrs R. W. Allison (chairman), H. C. Cook, Griffin. T. H. Hedges, and J. G. Williams. The Committee considered tenders for team labour and materials, and recommended the acceptance of the following:

Granite. Groby Granite Company, 2in. granite 12s. ton. 1½in. granite 11s. 10d. ton, chippings 10s. 6d.:

Hoggin. Mr H. W. Walker. 3s. 6d. ton;

River flints. H. W. Walker, 3s. 8d. ton.

No tenders were received for surface flints, and it was left to the Surveyor to make such arrangements as for the supply of these.

Team labour— Watering, W. Lockhart:

House refuse removal, J. Budd:

Day work, J. Gower and Son;

Tonnage work, from station J. Gower and Son,

     From Gamnel wharf J. Budd.

A tender of Messrs. Wright and Wright of £9:19 for painting and repairs to the water cart was accepted.

The report and recommendations were adopted.

Excusal of District Rates: - An. application was read from the Belgian Refugee Committee for the excusal. on the ground of poverty, of the General District Rate, amounting to£1: 8: 9, on a house in Park-road occupied by refugees.

It was unanimously resolved that such rate be excused.

Housing. Water Analyses. - The Surveyor produced the results of analyses of water taken from wells at properties recently inspected by him. at 1, Langdon-street, and 12 and 2 King-street, belonging to Mr. E. Edwin; 11 and 12. King-street, the property of Miss Tofield, 13 and 14, King-street, belonging to Mr. G. M. Emery.

It was resolved that notices should be served upon the owners to provide the properties with proper water supply.


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