William PAUL assaults ARCHER at Sandridge

From the Herts Advertiser - 5th July 1862


Saturday June 28th 1862.

Magistrates present: T. Kinder.Esq. (in the chair), Rev. Dr. Nicholson, G. R. Marten and Major Foskett.


William Paul, jun., was charged with assaulting William Archer, verger of Sandridge church, on Sunday afternoon, the 22nd June.

William Archer, the plaintiff said - Last Sunday afternoon I was present in Sandridge Church. The Rev. Wimbolt stopped reading and told me to go to the defendant and keep my eye on him, but not to interfere with him. After service, when I was seeing the school children out of the churchyard Hornet told me Paul had thrown a stone at me, and I might consider myself lucky that it did not hit me. I was aware that something had passed by me. (The stone was here produced by the policeman). Defendant said, "I threw the stone, but not at Archer".

William Hornett said, "Last Sunday afternoon I saw the defendant throw a stone. He was standing at the corner of Mr. Iron's house. I don't know who or what he threw the stone at. I can't say how near the stone went to Archer. I said to Archer, "It's a wonder the stone did not hit you". I saw the stone now produced pass Archer, and I picked it up. I don't know where the stone was thrown from. It went close by Archer's feet".

The Chairman said the Bench considered the assault proved and ordered defendant to pay a fine of 1s. with 1.2.6d expenses or in default of payment to be imprisoned for three weeks, with hard labour.


Reg Auckland suggests: Probably Matthew William Paul aged 17 living with his father, William. [He is said to have emigrated to Australia some years later, but in 1881 was still in the village]. William Archer 55-years-old sexton and agricultural labourer living at Church End. William Hornett 44-years-old agricultural labourer probably living at Spencer Cottages (the old workhouse).

If you can add to the information given above tell me.