VIDLER assaults Mrs WALKER at Wheathampstead

From the Herts Advertiser - 5th July 1862


Saturday June 28th 1862.

Magistrates present: T. Kinder.Esq. (in the chair), Rev. Dr. Nicholson, G. R. Marten and Major Foskett.


Owen Vidler, of Wheathampstead, was convicted of assaulting Mrs Lucy Walker, at Gustard Wood.

Mrs Lucy Walker said - On Friday the 20th of June, I was going towards Gustard Wood, from Wheathampstead Station. I met defendant, and he begun to call me bad names. He followed me about half-a-mile. It was about eight 0'clock in the evening. He was carrying two hay forks. When we got to Gustard Wood Common, he took me by the arm and shook me. He had lodged at my house for about three months; and left about three months since.

Amelia Carter, called by the defendant, said - I was with the defendant at the time. He never touched her. He had a hay fork over each shoulder. If he had touched her I must have seen him. His two hands were engaged with the forks.

By the Bench - Defendant keeps company with me.

Plaintiff recalled.- Amelia Carter was some distance from us when Vidler laid hands on me.

Defendant was fined 2s., with 18s. costs, to be paid within a week, or in default to be imprisoned for 14 days , with hard labour.

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