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Old Boys' Dinner at St Albans

From the Herts Advertiser, 25th April 1891

School activities are often published in newspapers of this period and may well provide information about the school an ancestor attended - and also other members of their peer group. In this case the list contains many names from the well-to-do families living in St Albans at the time.


The second dinner of the Old Boys of the St Albans Grammar School was held at the Peahen Hotel on Tuesday evening, when the affair proved such a success that it is intended to hold the dinner annually. Mr. T. J. Sworder, of Hertford, under-sheriff of Herts, occupied the chair, and Mr. A. H. Debenham the vice-chair. Among those present were: the Rev. Williams (a former head master), Rev. R. E. Faning (second master), Messrs. E. Arnold, E. W. Arnold, H. S. Bailey, G. C. Barnes, R. W. Brabant, G. R. Coleman, E. P. Debenham, J. Debenham, J. W. Dickson, W. Dixon, E. Dixon, L. W. Dixon, W. A. D. Dorrant, H. Freeman, H. Gibson, S. P. Harding, R. B. Harding, G. A. Harrison, R. T. Kent, H. H. Lipscomb, R. M. Longland, W. Mardall, H. J. W. Martin, G. Morgan, H. J. [H. F.?] Reynolds, F. Reynolds, A. J. Reynolds, Cecil Scott, H. P. Smith, E. R. Sworder, and H. L. Waddington. A capital repast was served by Host Marks, and on the removal of the cloth the CHAIRMAN gave the toast of "In Priam Memoriam," and the usual loyal toasts. In submitting the toast of the evening, "The St Albans Grammar School," the Chairman, in an amusing speech, referred to the history of that institution, which he said was established towards the close of the eleventh century. He looked back with pleasure to the time when he was a boy at the school, and was sure that all felt proud to be associated with a school whose antiquity and history was second to none in the country – (applause). The toast of "The Masters, past and present" was entrusted to Mr. E. R. Sworder, who expressed his great regret that the head master, the Rev. F. Willcox, was unable to be present that evening. The Rev Mr. Williams and the Rev. R. E. Faning responded. The health of the Chairman was proposes in felicitous terms by Mr. H. P. Smith, and the party broke up about 12 o’clock having spent a most enjoyable evening.

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