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Sale of Fat and Store Stock at St Albans

From the Herts Advertiser, 16th May 1891

St Peter’s-street, St Albans, presented on Wednesday a very animated appearance from daybreak to night, as large preparations had to be made for penning the store stock in addition to the usual amount of fat stock. Everything passed off very quietly, and a most successful sale has to be recorded. Buyers poured into the town by all three railways, and the competition through the day was very keen. 1,100 store sheep were penned …... 139 store heifers, steers, cows and bulls were sold …... After Mr. Gibson had finished selling the store stock, Mr. Brett, auctioneer, of Hastings, sold the fat stock, and met with a good trade, there being an advance of quite 4s per head, numbering 287 [sheep], the higest price, Mr. H. B. Cox, 65s. 82 fat lambs met with just as firm trade – highest price, Mr. H. Taylor, 50s 6d, Mr. J. H. Smith following next with 49s 6d; 33 fat bullocks and calves, the highest price, Mr Dolphin Smith, £27 15s, two reaching that figure, Mr. E. Woollatt following next with £24 15s; claves, highest price, £5 – Mr. Woollatt. Fat pigs also advanced on previous prices. A quantity of hay, straw, &c., was also sold.

The local paper regularly reported the results of the market, identifying the top sellers and the prices reached.

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