Finch/Royd Marriage at Aldenham, 1867

From the Herts Guardian

 16th July, 1867




George Courtney, Best Man

Miss Courtney, bridesmaid

Rev. George Finch, bridegroom, son of late John Finch

John Finch, deceased, of Red-heath, Watford

F. Downer, photographer, Watford.

Miss Glennie, bridesmaid

Miss Nicholl, bridesmaid

Miss Oddie, bridesmaid

Miss C. Oddie, bridesmaid

Miss Edith Oddie, bridesmaid

Miss Royds, bride, daughter of Rev. C. L. Royds

Rev. C. L. Royd, Vicar of Aldenham

Miss Fanny Royd, bridesmaid

Miss Florence Royd, bridesmaid

Miss B. Stapylton, bridesmaid

Miss Alice Wood, bridesmaid

Rev. Richard Mountfort Wood, rector of Albury, uncle of the bride

Some provisional notes on relationships from census returns:

The bride was Georgianna Fanny Royds (born Marylebone, London 1845) daughter of the Rev Charles Leopold Royds (born Marylebone, London, 1817, vicar of Aldenham in 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 census) and  Catherine Oddie (born Bloomsbury, London, 1822, married Charles at All Souls, St Marylebone, 31 January 1844)

The bridesmaid Florence Royds (born Aldenham, 1859) was her sister.


The bridesmaid Fanny Royds (born London, 1849) was the daughter of George Royds (born London, 1818, Landed proprietor in 1851) and Jane, and (in the 1861 census) the step daughter of William J Sankey,  (born Dover, Kent 1828, vicar of Stony Stratford, Northamptonshire). Fanny's brother George was born at Aldenham in 1856.


Alice Wood (born Aldbury 1852) was the daughter of the Rev Richard Mountford Wood (born London, 1811, curate of Aldbury 1851, 1861, rector 1871 and 1881) and Fanny Oddie (born London, 1824, daughter of Henry Hoyle Oddie, married Richard at Shenley 3 May 1849)


The 1841 census shows Henry Oddie (62, solicitor), his wife Georgianna (45), children Henry (25), Jane (20), Catherine (15), Fanny (15), Ellen (15) and Walter (4) and a large household, living in Portland Place, St Marylebone.

Rev. George Finch (born Watford, 1836) was the son of John Wood (born Watford 1789, landed proprietor in 1861)) . In 1861 he was curate at West Dereham, Norfolk.  In 1871 he was the curate at Chickley, Buckinghamshire and in 1881 and 1891 he was vicar of  Leverstock Green.


Leverstock Green

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