Stealing Silk Stockings at Tring

Hemel Hempstead Gazette

28th June 1890


Hemel Hempstead



[at Hemel Hempstead]

June 25th

Before T. Gooch, Esq., in the chair; J. Marnham, Esq., and Captain Cooper.


Shadrack Dutton, of Shoe Lane, Tring, and Caroline Williams, of nowhere, were charged with stealing a silk neck tie and a pair of stockings, the property of Joseph Busby, of New Mill, Tring, on the 18th inst.

Prosecutor said that at 11.30 a.m. he went into the George at Tring, and had a pint of beer and a glass of beer. The prisoners were there, and the woman unasked drunk some of the witness's beer, and he told her she had better leave it alone. At Dunton's request witness gave him 2d for a pint of beer. Witness had in a parcel a silk neck tie and a pair of stockings which he had just bought. He went to sleep, and when he woke the parcel was gone, and so were the prisoners. He informed P.s. Hill of his loss.

P.s. Hill said that he went with the Inspector in search of the prisoners. When between Pendley and the Beeches he saw the prisoners sitting on the grass. That was about 7 o'clock. He took them into custody and on going along in the cart witness saw the woman drop a pair of stockings at the back of the cart. Witness took possession of the stockings. On the next morning the woman said the man took the things, and she sold the hankerchief for 1/6, and that they were both in it and must get out of it as well as they could.

John Bowles, of Norcot Court, said that at 4.30 p.m., he was at the "Cow Roast" Inn, and the prisoners came there. He knew Dunton. The female prisoner offered the neck tie to witness for 1/6, which witness gave to her for it. He afterwards heard that it was stolen, and he took it to the police.

Prisoners pleaded guilty and elected to be tried by the Bench.

There were three previous convictions against Dunton, who was sent to prison for six weeks for this offence, and the woman for three weeks.

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