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School Play "Cinderella" at Oakley Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, 1916

From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette

 22nd July, 1916



Hemel Hempstead

AN ENJOYABLE ENTERTAINMENT. - The Oakley Lodge School possesses some pupils who are remarkably clever in giving an entertainment. Abundant evidence of this was forthcoming at a concert given in the St. Mary's Hall on Wednesday afternoon, when a large audience thoroughly appreciated some excellent performances, and it was a happy idea which led the Principal (Mrs Brocklehurst) to devote the proceeds to Dr. Barnardo's Homes. As a result this beneficent organisation should materially benefit. The programme was a delightfully interesting one and the skilful manner in which the children performed was a glowing tribute to the pains-taking and highly efficient manner in which they had been trained by Miss E. Paul, who extended her usefulness by acting as stage manageress. There was an adaption of the evergreen story of Cinderella; there were some attractive tableaux as well as a number of miscellaneous items. A number of the performers took part in all four sections of the entertainment - a tribute to their versatility. The programme opened with a pianoforte duet entitled "Gipsy Dance" by the Misses Brocklehurst and it was followed by a song entitled "Fishing" in which eight little boys took part. A dialogue, "Voices of the past" was contributed by M. Bunce and D. Sear, and Miss H. Brocklehurst sang the song "Just a soldier". The story of Cinderella was adapted by Miss M. Bunce, and naturally the presentation greatly delighted the younger members of the audience. The performers themselves seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and it was given without a hitch. All who comprised the caste acquitted themselves admirably. They were : Cinderella, I. Tovar; Prince Loveday, J. Stephenson; Fairy Godmother, D. Sear; Charlotte and Ulrica, M. Bunce and S. Paul; the mother, G. Howard; the page, V. Tovar; the jester, L. Blacknell; guests at the ball, I. Williams, B. Smith, P. Needham and De Keyser. The tableaux were each warmly applauded, as they deserved to be. They were: Bluebeard - M. Bunce, B. Smith, S. Paul, W. De Keyser, I. Tovar, J. Stephenson, P. Needham, G. Howard and D. Sear; sleeping beauty - D. Sear, J. Stephenson, I. Williams, B. Kerridge, H. Day and L. Blacknell; 1816-1916 - G. Howard, V. Tovar & I. Tovar; the guardian - D. Sear, W. Shepherd, A. Tovar; the Fortune Teller - S. Paul and M. Bunce; Please Help Dr Barnardo's, I. Tovar V. and A. Tovar. After the tableaux the second part of the miscellaneous programme was proceeded with. The song "Sweet and Low" was sung by G. Howard, M. Bunce and J. Stephenson, and there were two excellent recitations, "The bended bow," S Paul and "It was a dream, " J. Stephenson. Nine girls gave the song "Sewing," and another pleasing item was a butterfly dance by I. Tovar. Miss W.R.M. Needham was the accompanist, and also contributed to the programme. - Miss Paul wishes her thanks to be conveyed to the many kind friends who so willingly gave their assistance, and those who sent in contributions of cakes and sweets; also to those responsible for the loan of St. Mary's Hall.

The school later became Coobrook School
Coombrook House School, Hemel Hempstead, 1922

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