Old News


Friday September 18, 1772

Very few copies of the early Hertfordshire papers survive and this is a reprint published in the Hertfordshire Mercury in 1884.

Such early newspapers mainly reported national and international news, and this in no exception. Out of 16 columns less than two relate to Hertfordshire. Local news is limited to very brief mentions of prosecutions for poaching and theft, the death of a Hertford curate, and the marriage of a widow from Northaw in London. A table includes the price of corn in Hertford.

The property adverts relating to Hertford, Royston and Baldock are more informative, while Usbourne's advert gives a details list of the goods available in his Hertford Shop. An advert for a brand of soap is only relevant because it is available from the sellers of the newspaper. A book by a music teacher of Northaw is advertised in a way which suggests that depending on the volume of news, the final column will be bulked up by books sold from the newspaper printing office.

A useful addition is the footing which gives details of the publisher, Stephen Austin, and lists the newspaper sellers throughout Hertfordshire.

So few copies survive that it is not know for certain whether there is any continuity with the Herts Mercury


On Tuesday last John Brooks and William Baker were committed to our gaol by Thomas Herbert Noyes; Esq; for setting snares in the ground of his Grace the Duke of Bridgwater; they were publicly whipped on Wednesday,  and are to remain in .gaol for four months as the Game Act in that case directs: On Wednesday was committed by the Reverend Mr. Bourchier, John Clark, a boy about 16 years age, for robbing his Master William Chesher, a Baker, in Hoddesdon, of two canvas bags, containing two pounds, fourteen shillings, and a penny, the property of his said Master.

Last Friday afternoon died after a long and severe illness the Reverend William Bromwich, A.M. late Curate of All Saints Church, in this town, only son of the Reverend Yate Bromwich, A.M. Rector of Longhope, in Gloucestershire, and on Monday night last his remains were interred in All Saints Churchyard.



BIRTHS.] ... ...



MARRIED.l On Friday .last, at Mary-le-Bonne church, Thomas M'Lean,. Esq; of the island of Jamaica, to Mrs. Harvie; of Northaw,  in Hartfordshire.

... ...


DEATHS.] ... ...



On Wednesday the 7th of October next,

The Household Goods, &c. of Mr. WILLIAM COOPER,

At his. Dwelling House, the Salutation Inn in Hartford.

 (He going into another Business).

Consisting of very good Beds and Bedding, Brewing Utensils, Pipes, Hogsheads, &c., Mahogany Tables, Chairs and Glasses, good Chamber, Parlour, and Kitchen Furniture, &c. The Copper contains 120 gallons, and the other utensils proportionable.

   The Goods to be viewed the Tuesday before, and till the time of Sale.

   The above Premises being taken by THOMAS PLOWS, Mason, in Hartford, his Business will be carried on there, and his neat small Dwelling House in Fore-Street, containing a Hall and Parlour in front, a Kitchen and Pantry behind; three Chambers, and three Garrets above, with small Garden behind the House, and the Yard in front may be converted into a garden, almost 80 feet bu 22, to be let or sold.


To be LETT and entered upon at Lady-Day next,

A Very good Messuage or Tenement; and a good-accustomed Draper's Shop, situate in the middle of the town of Baldock, in Hartfordshire; together with proper Outhouses, Buildings, Offices and conveniences, and several Shops and Cottages thereto belonging and adjoining, now in the tenure or occupation of Mr. William Barfoot, Draper, or his Undertenants.

For further particulars enquire of Adolphus. Mectkerke, Elq; at Rushden, near Baldock, or of Mr. Wilkinson, at Baldock, aforesaid.



THE Dwelling House of William Fairman, deceased, late of the town of Hartford, Linen draper; and also, all the Stock in Trade to be immediately disposed of.

   For Particulars enquire of William Squire, of the said town of Hartford





In one Lot by John Stevens, at the Red Lion Inn, in Royston, Hartfordshire, on Wednesday the 23d of September instant, between the Hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon; unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which timely Notice will be given..

THE FREEHOLD ESTATES LATE OF Ambrose Williams deceased, situated at Royston aforesaid, consisting of one good Dwelling house with two large Garrets, four Chambers, a Parlour, Kitchen, Cellar. Brewhouse, Stable-Yard and Garden, a Dressing Shop, a long Spinning and Weaving House with a Barn, 2 lofts, a Hovel and other useful Outhouses.

   Also six Tenements with a large Yard, Garden,. Barn, Woodhouse, a long convenient Rope-walk with a Close of about one Acre adjoining, these Premises are very convenient for carrying on the above Branches of Business,

of which much has been done for many Years and a full Trade is. now carrying' on: At the same time will be offered to the Purchaser, all the Implements, Tools and .a Fixtures in Trade now on the Premises:

   Particulars and' Conditions of Sale may be had at the Black Swan at Hartford, Black Lion at Hoddesdon, the Place of Sale, and at Mrs. Williams's, Shopkeeper at Royston, who will order the Premises and Tools to be shown, of Mr. Day, Attorney at Royston, and of John Stevens, Auctioneer at Ware.

   All Persons to whom the said Ambrose Williams stood indebted at his death are desired to send in their Accounts to the said Mrs. Williams, his Executrix, or Mr. Day, and all Persons standing indebted to the Estate of the Deceased are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mrs. Williams, or Mr. Day, on or before the tenth Day of October Next 1772.





MAKES and Sells all Sorts of Mould and Store Candles, neat Hard Soap; and sells superfine Green and Bohea Teas from the East India Company only; all sorts of Groceries, fine Coffees, Churchman's Patent Chocolate. and Cocoa. A large quantity of good Hops by the bagging at 9d. halfpenny per lb. ditto fine at 10d. ditto superfine at 11d. or by the single pound at 1s. A large quantity of exceeding good Salt Butter by the Cask at 6d. halfpenny per lb. fine Bacon at 6d. per lb. by the side or half side; good Alderwine Sugar, at 3d. halfpenny per lb. by the hogshead, or in smaller quantities at 3d. three farthings; fine Tobaccos and Snuffs of all sorts; Oils of all sorts; Battle and other Powder; Patent Shot of all Numbers; Bird Seeds, and Seeds of all Sorts; Mops, Hair-brooms and Brushes of all sorts; .Pitch, Tar, and Rosin; also Tar and Grease for Coach and Waggon wheels; Godfrey's and other Cordials.

     The above Goods are likewise sold on the same Terms at my Shop in Ware every Tuesday.






WHO has, after a great Expense, discovered and brought to the highest Perfection. the only Genuine Method of purifying the Italian Soap; the excellent Qualities of which, by a little Use; render to the Skin that beautiful Clearness, together with that Softness, so much admired, so desirable and highly pleasing, removing any Discolouring from the Face, Neck, or Hands, and preventing their ever chapping.

The great Reputation this purified Soap has, for some Time past, maintained among most of the Nobility and Gentry in England and Ireland, renders all Encomiums unnecessary.

N. B. Please to ask for Davison's Italian Soap, which is sold at his Perfume Warehouse, No. 62 in Fleet-Street, London, .Price One Shilling a Square, with Directions.

The great Demand for the Italian Soap having occasioned a counterfeit Sort to be offered to Sale, the Proprietor was induced to give Notice,. to prevent the ill Consequences of such an Imposition.

This Soap, is by appointment sold in most of the principal Towns of this Kingdom, and by the Printer of this Paper, in Hartford; it may also be had of the Newsmen, who circulate this paper.



.....By the Standard Winchester Bushel of Eight Gallons


  Wheat   Rye   Barley   Oats   Beans
  s d   s d   s d   s d   s d
Hartford 6 4   - -   3 3   2 4   3 9



The following BOOKS. &c, are sold at the Printing-Office in Hartford


THE' HARTFORDSHIRE MELODY; or PSALM SINGER'S RECREATION: being .a valuable collection of psalms, hymns, anthems, &c. on various occasions; to which is prefixed, a new, concise, and easy introduction to the art of singing, and a dictionary of the terms made use of in music.

By JOHN IVERY, Teacher or Music, at Northaw, in Hartford/hire.

In order to remove the inconvenience so long complained of by the lovers of church music, this book is printed in the form of the common manuscript psa1m books in score, that the finger may not be interrupted so frequently with the parting of a bar at the end of the, lines, but be enabled to sing on, without interruption. nearly treble the length of any printed book of psalmody ever offered to the public. Price 2s. and 6d.


HARTFORD: Printed and sold by STEPHEN AUSTIN, by whom all manner of Letter-Press Printing is neatly perform'd, and with the utmost elegance, accuracy and dispatch; and to whom Advertisements and Articles of Intelligence, &c.&c. are desired to be directed. Advertisements &c. are also taken in for this Paper by:

Mr Newman, Bookseller, in Ware

Mr. Newton, at the White Lion, Great Hadham

Mr. Hill, Grocer, at Bishops Stortford,

Mr. Young, Draper, at Waltham Cross

Mr. Machin, Grocer, at Puckeridge

Mr. Jackson, Draper, at Buntingford

Mr. Spencer, Bookseller, at Royston

Mr. Smith, Bookseller, at Baldock

Mr. Carvil, Watchmaker, at Hitchin

Mr Alsop, Grocer at Luton

Mr.  Queneborough, Grocer, at Dunstable

Mr. Yates, Bookseller, at Tring

Mr. Abraham, Bookseller, at Berkhamsted

Mr. Hull. Bookseller, at St Albans

Mr. Pickering, at the White Hart, Watford

Mr. George, at the George, Rickmansworth

Mr. Beatty, Upholsterer, at Barnet

Mr. Thompson, at the Red Lion, [Hemel] Hempstead

Mr. Channer, Grocer, Ivinghoe

Mr. Randall, Plumber and Glazier, Hatfield

Mr. Hemstead, at the Rainbow Coffee-house, Cornhill, London