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Hertford Justice

From the Hertford and Ware Patriot, No XLIV, June 1834

Hertford Justice.

On Wednesday a Poor fellow, rather the worse for what he had drank, turned out into the streets, and shouted most vehemently about the town "Duncombe for Ever," and "D--n the two Lords," when he was ordered into the custody of a constable and taken to the Cage, where he vociferated with increasing ardour the "burden of his song." This was no longer to be endured, and he was ordered to have the hand-cuffs locked upon wrist of his right hand secured by a chain to a staple above his head. In this situation he was made to stand for a considerable time, before he was permitted to be released from his painful position, and after discharging the demand of his fostering keeper, he was liberated as the night approached, and made to pursue his journey homewards. The man's name is Samuel King, a journeyman saddler, from Ware, who is well known in this town, having worked with Mr. Randall some few years since. We wish to ask whether the same rigour would have been execrised towards the poor fellow, had he been d--ning Duncombe, and lauding the immaculate brace wof degraded Lords. But more of this anon - he came from Ware.

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