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 Some News Items mentioning Tittenhanger (Tyttenhanger)

Herts Advertiser

These items were selected from my St Albans Press files - in which I was particularly interested in brick making and poaching


William, alias Gully Howard, well known in St Albans by his tall, ungainly shoulders, was charged with having been, with two others not known on Sunday the 6th instant, in a plantation on Lady Caledon’s estate at Tittenhanger, for the purposes of ferritng rabbits.

Henry Kent said - I an head gardener to Lady Caledon. On the day named I saw Howard with two others in a property on the Tittenhanger property, with a ferret and nets. They were at some rabbit holes, and as soon as they saw me they ran away. I caught Howard and took two nets from him, and also a ferret; the former I produce.

Mr. Deayton, the governor of the goal, proved two previous convictions against Howard.

Fined £2, ans 18s 6d costs, or two months imprisonment with hard labour. He was taken to prison in default of payment.

26 February 1859


Saturday June 28th 1862.

Magistrates present: T. Kinder.Esq. (in the chair), Rev. Dr. Nicholson, G.R. Marten and Major Foskett.


Thomas Hart (son of Richard Hart, of St Peter's) was adjudged to be the father of the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Ivory of Tittenhanger Green and was ordered to pay 1s. 6d. per week maintenance.

5 July 1862

See Hart/Ivory


Joseph Bates, of the parish of St. Peter, was charged with having on the 12th of March assaulted and beat Emma Falconer, of Tittenhanger.

… The defendant is in the employ of Mr. Young, who is making the bricks for the new goal. He came from Lincoln. … I have been to him at the brick yard, but he never told me he did not wish me to go there. …

… She was in the habit of coming to the brick field and annoying him at his work. …

Other witnesses: Mary Smith, Emma Falconer, Emma Cook.

Thomas Bassford, foreman to Mr. Young, said he had reason to give the complainant warning not to annoy the defendant at his work. She was constantly coming to the brickfield after him. He gave the defendant an excellent character

The Magistrates dismissed the case.

[While not stated the brick field could be at Tittenhanger.]

25 March 1865

BRICK GROUND, TITTENHANGER GREEN, TO BE LET, with possession, next January. For further particulars apply to Mr J.C. Parsons, baker, London Colney.

21 October 1865

TO CARTERS - Wanted a quantity of bricks carted from Tittenhanger Green to the New Goal Works, St Albans. - Terms sent or personal application made to Mr. Andrews at the Building.

24 February 1866

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