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October 2nd 1841

The Estate of James Izzard of Great Amwell



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Suggested Time Line for James Izzard

He may have been the James Izzard baptised at Essendon on 1 September 1765, the son of James and Martha Izzard, or the James Izzard baptised at Hatfield 8 October 1769, the son of Joseph and Ann Izzard

James Izzard married Ruth Bridges at Great Amwell on 4 December 1804

Children of James and Ruth Izzard baptised at Great Amwell were James (10 February 1805, Great Amwell), William (10 April 1808, Bayford) and Sarah Ann (30 October 1814)

Ruth Izzard, 65 was buried at Great Amwell 28 December 1834

James Izzard died 10 March 1841, aged 74, and was buried at St John the Baptist, Great Amwell.

Some references to James Izzard, farmer of Great Amwell at HALS

These documents are held at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Surrender out of court and duplicate  DE/L/181  28 Feb 1827
James Izzard of Great Amwell, farmer, and wife Ruth to use after their decease of Dowel and William Bridges, sons of Ruth Izzard by first husband and James and Sarah Ann Izzard, son and daughter of Ruth Izzard by present husband. 1 acre of land in Hard Mead as divided by the Newe Cut of Canal.
[Manor of Great Amwell]

  Warrant to enter satisfaction on the court roll in discharge of conditional surrender   DE/L/300  29 April 1830

By James Izzard of Great Amwell, farmer to James Hudson of Ware, malster, Thomas Cass of Ware, corn-dealer, and Edward Chuck of Ware, plumber and glazier (was malster,) members of friendly society, held at the French Horn, Ware, called the Young Union Society.
As DE/L/299.
[Manor of Great Amwell]

Conditional surrender  DE/L/299  22 March 1831

James Izzard of Great Amwell, farmer, to William Heasler of Great Amwell, farmer. Four pieces of arable land in Long Croft Hearne, two abutting on Mrs Lakes land, one lying by side of footpath and one abutting land belonging to Stanes Chamberlayne.
[Manor of Great Amwell]

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