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Tring Steeple Chase 1844

From the Sunday Times 21st January 1844







Stewards: Sir John Dashwood, Bart.; Baron M. de Rothschild; William Metcalfe, Esq.


The Birmingham Railway, as all travellers, of course, are aware, brings one in about an hour and three-quarters to the Tring Station. The little town of Tring, beautifully situated on the borders of Hertfordshire, is distant from the station about a mile and a half. An excellent hotel is immediately adjoining the station, the Harcourt Arms [later the Royal Hotel], under the management of Mr. Brown, a gentleman well known to all the sporting men of the neighbourhood as one of the most active and zealous among them in supporting all measures connected with the pleasures of the chase. The Harcourt Arms was on Wednesday last the general place of rendezvous. As this, however, is the first steeple-chase that has ever taken place at Tring, it will be necessary for us to enter a little more minutely into details than on ordinary occasions it would be requisite for us to do.  ...


Personal Names

Mr Anderson - owner of Carlow

Mr Barker of Tring

Mr Barnett - owner of Box-keeper

Mr [John] Brown - owner of Harcourt Arms - owner of Premier

Mr Clarke - owner of Little Robert

Sir John Dashwood, Bart. - Steward

Mr Dixon - owner of Ragihan??

Mr Robert Ekins - owner of Fourty Two

Mr W. Ekins - owner of Duenna?

Mr Elmore - owner of Lottery

Mr Fowler of Aylesbury

Mr B. H. - owner of Student

Mr Hunter - owner of Creeper

Mr Land - owner of Needwood

Mr Langham - owner of Tom Tag

Mr Mead - owner of Paddy

William Metcalfe, Esq. - steward

Mr Oldacre - judge

Mr Powell - owner of Roulette

Baron M. de Rothschild - Steward - owner of Squib

Mr Woodman, farmer of Tring




Birmingham Railway

Bulbourne Road

Brook [The stream in Brook Street]

Grand Junction Canal

Gunnel [Gamnel] Farm

Harcourt Arms (later Royal Hotel)

Icknield (Roman Road)

Long Marston Road

Marchcroft [Marshcroft] Lane

Park Hill Farm

Parsonage House

Pendley Park

Pond Closes


Tring Station


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