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Aston Rectory in 1868

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Picture kindly provided by Michael White-Venables (mwven @t

Great Great Grandson of the Rector at the time, the Rev. George Augustus Oddie


Croquet was a game frequently played of the lawns of the larger Victorian houses.

This picture is a early example as the game was first named as such in 1856 and the first croquet club was only founded in 1868 - the year this picture was taken

See Wikipedia for details of the game and it history.



The Household in the 1871 census

Name Relation Sex Age Occupation Born
ODDIE, George A Head M 50 Rector of Aston London
ODDIE, Annie Wife F 45   Buckland Newton, Dorset
ODDIE, Mary C Daughter F 21   London
ODDIE, George V Son M 20 Undergraduate of Cambridge Colney House, Hertfordshire
ODDIE, Gertrude A Daughter F 18   Aston, Rectory, Hertfordshire
ODDIE, Georgiana E Daughter F 14   London
ODDIE, Reginald A Son M 8   Aston Rectory, Hertfordshire
ODDIE, Lewis G Son M 4   Aston Rectory, Hertfordshire
HAZELDINE, Ellen Servant F 19 Domestic Servant Nottingham
SLIGHT, Fanny L Servant F 20 Domestic Servant Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
WILLIAMS, Jane Servant F 23 Domestic Servant Cutcombe, Somerset
BURROWS, Anne Servant F 19 Domestic Servant Weston, Hertfordshire
GRUBB, Caroline Servant F 18 Domestic Servant Lewis Green, Hertfordshire
PEACOCK, John T Servant M 20 Groom Knebworth, Hertfordshire

The following appears on the Pupils and Masters at Haileybury, 1867-1871 page


Henry James Oddie, born on 28  October 1853, at Aston, Hertfordshire, was the son of George Augustus Oddie, Rector of Aston,  and Anne Venebles. He was at Haileybury between 1868 and 1872 and then went to the Royal Indian Engineering College at Cooper's Hill (1873-76) before going to work for the Public Works Department, India. In 1885 he married Ella Grace, daughter of H. R. Goodall, Barrister-at-Law, and he retired in 1903. In 1910 he gave his address as 11 St  Michael's Place, Brighton. He died in 1923. His brothers (George Venables, Arthur Thellusson, Charles Walter, Thomas Edmund, Algernon Boch, Reginald Augustus and Lewis Gilbert) all went to Haileybury.



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