The Homestall, Barley


24  Barley - The Homestall
Robert H Clark's Real Photographic Series

Dear R. I thought you would like the view of our house in the country. Its very pretty. The garden is looking quite a picture. ... Rose

Posted March 23, 1906

(shortly after Redcliffe Salaman moved into the house and possibly sent to notify new address)

Homestall is situated at The Mount, on the London Road to the west of Barley village, close to the Chequers Inn. The following are references I have found to the house:

Possible earlier references.   [A Josiah Johnson, Registrar & Corn Inspector & Keeper of Tolls, Royston, is listed in the 1861 census as living  on Barkway Road - immediately before Chequers Corner. Could he have been living at Homestall ?? He is listed in the 1851 directory, but not in 1866. In the 1851 census he is listed as the last house in the High Street, which could be consistent with the Homestall.]
1866 Directory   Gibbons Kenrick Augustus, esq, The Homestall
Gibbons, Mrs. The Homestall
1871 Census   Kenrich A Gibbons listed as living at Chequer's End [Near Chequers, public house, London Road]
1881 Census   ["The Homestead, The Mount" listed as unoccupied]
1882 Directory   Kent Joseph, Homestall
1886 Directory   Grantham Rev. Charles Frederick [curate], Homestall
1890 Directory   Forshall Rev. Frederick Hale [curate], Homestall
1891 Census   Nathaniel Hayes (Agricultural labourer) The Mount (Homestall)
1895 Directory   [no identifiable occupant]
1899 Directory   Mavor Charles [no address given]
1901 Census   [4 households listed at the mount - possibly Charles Mavor not in residence and a residet gardener (domestic) listed as head of household.]
1902 Directory   Mavor Charles, Homestall
1905   Edward Alfred Flinders (1833-1905) died at Homestall, Barley. [Rootsweb message]
1906   see SALAMAN, Barley, early 20th century
1908 Directory   Salaman Redcliffe Nathan M.D., J.P., Homestall
1937 Directory   Salaman Redcliffe Nathan M.D., J.P., Homestall
1955   Redcliffe Nathan Salaman died.
1969   Jack Wilkerman, author of Two Ears of Barley, lived at The Homestall.

23`  Barley - The Homestall
Robert H Clark's Real Photographic Series

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