Castle Street,



Castle Street, Berkhamsted, PC by Newman, posted 1903

Castle Street, Berkhampsted

Photo Copyright

J. T. Newman, Berkhampsted


At the time this card was published (circa 1903) the spelling of Berkhamsted had not been agreed.

From the Canal Bridge looking towards the town and the parish church  

Castle Street Berkhamsted ran from beside the Parish Church to the Castle with the ancient School on the north side. In 1800 a bridge was built to take it over the newly built canal, and in 1837 access to the castle was cut off by the Railway line.

From beside the Church looking down the street towards the Castle    

The School Chapel and Castle Street, Berkhamsted

E. Needham & Co, Alexandra Road,

[Hemel Hempstead]

A 08743


The School Chapel was comparatively new having been dedicated in 1894. The card was published by E. Needham, of Hemel Hempstead, who was also editor of the Gazette Newspaper.


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