The Old Forge,


Post card of The Smithy, High Street, Bushey, painted by K Low in Raphael Tuck Aquarette Series

The Old Smithy, Bushey

postcard painted by K Low and published in 1903/4

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 The Old Forge at 108 High Street, Bushey

Who was the blacksmith at the time this picture was taken? At some time in the early 1860s William Goldsmith, who had been a master blacksmith in Harrow, moved to Bushey and took this forge. In 1882 he was described as a farrier and shoeing smith but by 1886 Goldsmith Brothers were farriers and shoeing smiths in the High Street, and William died in 1887. There were two sons involved, Alfred Frederick Goldsmith and Henry Thomas Goldsmith, but later records suggest that Alfred was the farrier, while Henry was a coachbuilder and wheelwright based at Bushey Heath. Alfred is last listed as a farrier in 1908, and - so was probably there at time the photograph was taken. Was he the older gentleman in the bowler hat? Alfred died in 1929.

Alfred was succeeded at the forge by John James Parkin, who was in residence at the forge at the time of the 1911 census. He is listed as a blacksmith between 1912 and 1922 and as a carting contractor in 1926.The blacksmith's shop would appear to have gone by 1929 when Frank Parkin was listed as a greengrocer at 108a High Street, Bushey.

The Old Forge, Bushey


card published by

S. Giles, Bushey



Posted in Watford on 3 July, 1911 to

Mrs Harcourt, Ashbrook, Arbroth


Dear Mamma

Thank you very much for the post cards you sent us. We are quite well. With love to you and Dada

From Edeva