Other Pictures of Essendon


Belvedere Farm House, Essendon, Hertfordshire


Belvedere Farm House, Essendon

Dunckley, Post Office, Essendon

posted 1911

Essendon Mill  

Essendon Mill

Hatfield Series, No 61.

Posted 1905


In 1912 James Albert Maile was the miller at Essendon Mill

Essendon Mill, Hertfordshire  

Essendon Mill

Hatfield Series, No 60.

circa 1905


The Old Rectory, Essendon  

The Old Rectory, Essendon

Dunckley, Essendon, No 451


In 1912 Lt-Col Hubert Frederick Barkley, J.P. was at The Rectory

The War Memorial, Essendon   The War Shrine, Essendon
Published by C. T. Oliver
(RA series)


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