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Little Amwell


After I posted WILLSON, Gamels Hall, Rush Green, Little Amwell, circa 1850 Anthony suggested that I should also follow up "Amwell Bury" on the British Newspaper Archive I decided it would make a good example of how much information you can get out of the archive if you have a distinctive name.


As I was planning a review of the FindMyPast access to the Archive I felt that this would make a good test example. I therefore searched for either "Amwellbury" or "Amwell Bury" between 1800 and 1850 and the results are given below - except that multiple entries of the same news item or advert have been ignored. My assessment in given in British Newspaper Archive


The early items are published in a variety of papers all over the country because Colonel Charles Brown clearly had some standing in society. In 1832 a story made "national news" and was repeated (in identical words) in several papers. Only in 1836 did local news start appearing - and this was because there was no dedicated Hertfordshire paper before this date. Thomas Hamilton Graves first appears in 1848 - and appears in things such as lists of shareholders.


Public Monument to the memory of Her Royal Highness the late lamented Princess Charlotte of Wales and Saxe-Coburg .... Subscribers ... Colonel Brown, Amwell Bury, Herts 1 guinea. ... ...

Morning Post 25th June 1818

Married - Henry Brown, esq. eldest son of Col. Brown, of Amwell Bury, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the late John Walmesley, esq., of Castlemere, Lancashire.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, 12th November, 1822

Births - On Tuesday, Dec. 30, at Amwell Bury, Herts, the Lady of Henry Brown, Esq. of a son and heir.

Morning Post, 5th January, 1824

Died - Aged 68, the lady of Colonel Brown, of Amwell Bury, Herts

Cambridge Chronicle & Journal, 16th March, 1827

Married - April 12, at St Mary's Church, Marylabonne [Marylebone], Col. Brown, of Amwell Bury, to Mrs Beville, of King-street, Portman Square.

Hampshire Chronicle, 21st April, 1828

Fashionable Arrivals - Col. and Mrs. Brown and family, at their residence, King-street, Portman-square, from Amwell Bury, Herts.

Morning Post, 16 April, 1829

Fashionable Arrivals - Colonel and Mrs. Brown, at their residence, King-street, Portman-square, from their seat, Amwell Bury, Hants.

Morning Post, 19th April, 1830

More Burking - see "More Burking" at Amwell

Hampshire Advertiser, 4th February, 1832

Hertford - The Lost Boy Found -

Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette, 3rd March, 1832

Fashionable Arrivals - Colonel and Mrs. Brown, in King-street, Portman-square, from their seat, Amwell Bury, Hertfordshire.

Morning Post, 10 May, 1832

Fashionable Arrivals -  Colonel and Mrs. Brown and family, in King-street, Portman-square, from their seat, Amwell Bury, Hertfordshire.

Morning Post, 10 May, 1833

Deaths - At his seat, Amwell Bury, Herts, Colonel Charles Brown, aged 75.

Worcester Journal, 21 April, 1836

Amwell Bury Mansion, Herts

Hertfordshire Mercury & Reformer, 24th May, 1836

Married - Sept. 12., at St Sidwells, by the Rev. B. Clay, Rector of East Worlington in this county, and Hockerton in Nottinghamshire, Captain George Brown, second son of the late Colonel Charles Brown of Amwell Bury, Hertfordshire, to Fanny Charlotte, eldest daughter of Lieut.-General Clay, of Baring Crescent, near this city. [Exeter]

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 16th September, 1837

Amwell Bury Farm - sale of crops ... ...

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 16th May, 1840

Amwell Bury Mansion to let ... ... [Several similar adverts, some later ones exclude farm]

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 18th July, 1840

Amwell Bury Mansion - Furnishings for sale

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 15th August, 1840

The Countess of Waldegrave has left Amwell Bury for Brighton.

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 12th September, 1840

[Magistrates Court] Ware - George Cordell, labourer, and John Lodge, blacksmith, both of Ware, were charged with being, at half-past 1 o'clock on Sunday morning, within the enclosure of Amwell Bury, for the purpose of stealing young rooks, the property of --- Redmayne, Esq. Discharged with a caution.

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 6th May, 1843

[Magistrates Court] Ware - George Want and James Reason were fined 13s each, including damage and costs, for stealing walnuts from a tree belonging to Mr. Webb, of Amwell Bury.

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 4th November, 1843

Great Amwell - On the 30th ult, on the occasion of Henry John Brown, Esq. (of the Rifle Brigade), only son of Captain Brown, of Amwell Bury, attaining his majority, all the poor and their families resident in the parish of Great Amwell, and labourers on the estate, were liberally provided with meat, bread, old ale, &c. The children of the National School were supplied with cake and tea, and presented each with a silver coin. Afterwards a party of the neighbouring gentry, tenantry, and tradespeople, were sumptuously entertained at the house.

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 4 January, 1845

Somerset and North Devon Junction Railway ... Henry Brown, Esq., Bylands, Strathfieldsaye, Hants, and Amwell Bury, Herts, Magistrate of the County ...

Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser, 22nd October, 1845

Amwell Bury Farm - Sale of Crops ... ...

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 31 July, 1847

Game List - General Game Certificate - ... ... Thomas Hamilton Graves, Esq. of Hercules chambers, Threadneedle street - for George Carter, Royalty of Amwell, Bury, county of Herts. ... ...

The Examiner, 13 May, 1848

Australian Agricultural Company ... ... G. S. Thornton, Esq. (Director of Sun Fire Office) Amwell, Bury, Ware, Herts. ... ...

Derby Mercury, 28 March, 1849

Hertfordshire Michaelmas Session, 1850 -[See Registering Homes for the Mentally Insane]

Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 16th November 1850