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Church Hill, Hoddesdon
Chester Vaughan Series , circa 1903

High Leigh, Hoddesdon
postcard by Photochrome Co Ltd, mid 20th century

In 1882 High Leigh was occupied by Robert Barclay, J.P.


North Front, High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts, PC posted 1932

High Leigh - North Front posted 1932

The Fish and Eels, on the bank of the Lea Navigation, in about 1904
It was a popular Victorian riverside inn, and its most notorious publican was the Revd. Samuel Thackeray, who became landlord in 1906.
Hoddesdon's Past in Picture contains four pictures of the inn and its patrons.

Town Hall and Brewery
Post card posted in 1911 but probably older

Grange Lane (with ford), Hoddesdon - posted 1910 


Print of Hoddesdon Church

Print on PC

Used circa 1905


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