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Chester Vaughan of Acton



Chester Vaughan was the trading name of a photographic publisher which first appears in trade directories in 1893. The earliest press reference I have found is the following advert in the West London Observer which appeared in July of that year:

WANTED. Young ladies, to learn light business; also a strong lad, wages given. Apply Chester Vaughan Photographic Publisher, 9, Avenue Road, Acton, W.

On 27 January 1897 the London Evening Standard reported a number of dissolved partnerships, including F. W. Rose and C. E. Francis, trading as Chester Vaughan, Acton, W., photographic publishers; so far as regards C. E. Francis.

In February 1899 the Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Free Press published the first of a small number of adverts for photographs of Buckingham. [Rather surprisinngly no similar adverts for other places have yet been found.]

In 1902/3 the Chester Vaughan Series of view postcards started appearing, covering most counties in the South East of England, and including some as far away as Somerset and Yorkshire. The Hertfordshire cards shown here tend to come from the south of the county and all have pre-1907 backs and postal dates tend to be between 1903 and 1905.

Post card of St James Church, Bushey, Hertfordshire, used 1903, and published by Charles Vaughan

St James Church, Bushey (1903)

Lululand, Bushey (1905)

High Street, Bushey

Elstree Village


Haileybury College (several different)

St Mary's, Hemel Hempstead


Gadebridge Lane, Hemel Hempstead

Panshanger, Hertford

Church Hill, Hoddesdon

Elm Place & Vale House, Hoddesdon

Grimston Grave, Tewin

Waltham Cross

On 4th July 1903 the London Evening Standard announced another dissolved partnership between F. W. Rose and G. E. Sharp, trading as Chester Vaughan, Acton, photographic publishers.

At some time between 1904 and 1907  the address changed from 9 to 51 Avenue Road, Acton, London W.

A quick check on ebay suggest that very few cards were published with post-1906 backs and the business was clearly in difficulties as this "terminal" advert in the Daily Telegraph and Courier of 12th July 1909 shows.

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