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Kings Langley Church
Postcard published by Macmillan, Stationer, Kings Langley - posted 1908

The following description comes from Watford and its surroundings - a Homeland Guide published in 1906.

Leaving the old Priory and the ruined Palace of ancient Kings, we retrace our steps to the village, and direct our attention to King's Langley Church, which is a perpendicular structure of flint and Totternhoe stone, and is dedicated to All Saints. The square west tower is embattled, and has an angle turret and a flint and stone porch. The church has been partially restored; and the interior contains many monuments and objects of great interest, amongst which should be specially noticed the tomb of Edmunde de Langley and his wife, Isabel of Castile, which was removed from the Priory Church to All Saints at the Dissolution of the religious houses. This monument which is an alter tomb of white marble about 3ft. 10in. high, the slab of which is part of the old altar table, and still bears three of the original five consecration crosses, formerly stood on the north side of the chancel, but now rests in the chapel at the end of the north aisle, where may be seen also a number of very old tiles. The quaint brass to John Carter, "Late of Ciffres," who died in 1588, also excites interest. This gentleman, we are informed, was twice married, his first wife presenting him with four sons and five daughters, and the second, not to be outdone, with five sons and four daughters. The east window was filled w'ith stained glass by Queen Victoria, as a memorial to her ancestor. Passing round the Church we admire the oaken pulpit, the exquisitely carved oaken screen, and the reredos, which is constructed partly of marble, and was erected in 1877. Before leaving the Church, it is well to .look at an old printed bill which hangs framed just inside the north door. It is dated l683, and refers to the once popular superstition that the Royal. Touch could cure the disease called the King's Evil.

The Church, Kings Langley

Published by E H MacMillan, Kings Langley

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Kings Langley Parish Church  

Kings Langley Church

Posted 1908

Warren Photo, Watford

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Two postcards of

Kings Langley Church

Dated 5 July 1905

The Wrench series virca 1903

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with detail of the elaborate carved pulpit



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The Vicarage, Kings Langley

Card published by R.A.P. Co. London (small print in stamp box)

Message dated 1906

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