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Albert Warren

of Watford



This portrait, of Thomas Potten (1846-1901) cannot have been taken after 1901, suggesting that it is one of Albert's earlier Watford photographs.

Albert Warren was born in Luton in 1868. He move to 73 Vicarage Road, Watford, in about 1899 and was there in the 1901 census. He was described as a photographer, and with him were his wife Ada (32) and a 3 year old son, Harold Claud Warren, who was born in Ealing. He was still there in 1911 - and the family included Nora Winifred Warren, 9, who was born in Watford. He is listed in the 1914 Kelly's Hertfordshire Directory but not in the 1917 edition


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Cassio Bridge, Watford
Warren Photos, Watford
posted 1908
[Albert Warren, Photographer, 73 Vicarage Road, Watford. Kelly 1908]

The pub by the bridge over the canal is the Halfway House
[Mrs Eliza Colebrook, Halfway House, Cassio Bridge Wharf, Watford. Kelly 1908]

Kings Langley Parish Church  

Kings Langley Church

Posted 1908

Warren Photo, Watford

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