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Little Berkhampstead

The Monument, Little Berkhampstead
"The Hatfield Series" No 68 - known posted 1908


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Published by E. Munnings, Hertford
circa 1903


The Brewhouse passed through various hands in the 18th century, including the Hatfie1d Brewer, John Searancke, and eventually was sold to John Stratton in 1786. It was pulled down in 1789 to make way for Strattons Tower, although the out buildings have stood until recent times culminating in the Well House built from one of the barns.

Strattons Tower, which cost 3,000, was built in three sections and is 155 feet high. There has been much speculation as to its purpose; but it is believed to have been for astronomical observation. It certainly was not built to view ships on the Thames as is supposed by some. The ground to the south is higher than the Tower and obstructs the view. The Tower is sometimes called "The Folly" and this may have been the reason for its existence. It is extremely well-built and although it was at one time left to fall into ruin, this never happened and in the last ten years it has been completely restored by Mr. Tatton Brown and a delightful weekend residence is built on the various floors with a modern kitchen on the ground floor.

Little Berkhamsted, 1981

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