Napsbury Hospital

London Colney




Mental Hospital founded in 1898 for patients from Middlesex


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Entrance, Main Administration Block, Napsbury
Posted February 1915, no publisher details


Napsbury Hospital

Napsbury Hospital, A Unique Community, 1905-1999,


Military Hospital during the Great War

See the Tapestry made by soldiers on the FII Ward


Hospital, Napsbury (East Section)
Card posted in July 1917 (d postage) by a soldier called Fred who was a patient in the Military Hospital


Entrance Hall, Main Administration Block, Napsbury
Unused and undated but back identical to the card of Ward M.1. of the Military Hospital


Andrew writes: I've managed to track down the Military Admissions and Discharge Registers for the County of Middlesex War Hospital at Napsbury for WW1. Go to the National Archives Website, open the Catalogue, type in the Ref. No. MH 106,when that comes up, click on the Sub Series "Hospital Admissions and Discharge Registers". When that comes up, scroll down until you come to "County of Middlesex War Hospital at Napsbury, click on the Sub sub series for the above mentioned and that gets you into everything pertaining to the Soldiers of WW1. 


John Maple joined up under age went to France as a driver with the Royal Field Artillery. He was seventeen when he was wounded and was invalided to Napsbury War Hospital.

Picture and information supplied by his grandson, Ken Maple (music @t


The Church, Napsbury Hospital - undated postcard


Day Room, Ward M.1., The County of Middlesex War Hospital, Napsbury
Sent by Fred. as above. Date unreadable but 1d postage suggest somewhat later.


Click here for many more pictures of patients by Ricardo Studios 1916-1918

Approximate dating possible using negative numbers

Jo-Ann Mandat of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, writes: My Grandmother, Elsie Elizabeth Kiff (nee Lovering) was a nurse at Napsbury during WWI.  We have photos similar to those on your website, taken both inside and outside of the hospital, showing both soldiers and nurses.  I have one very similar to that one taken inside (the one with people lounging on beds and the nurse standing by poles) but these show my grandmother in them.  Obviously they were from different wards.  It is so thrilling to see this website (I was searching for info about WWI to share with my History students). 

Verandah Ward
This is the ward I am on night duty in.
And the ward I used to be on day duty in.
The tall boy standing is a New Zealander (my favourite)

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