Heath Farm, Sandridge circa 1960



These pictures were taken by Beryl Grove some time before the house and remaining farm buildings were demolished and given to Jim Mullary, who lives in one of the houses in The Limes - the housing estate built on the site.


These pictures show the South West side of the farm house , overlooking the garden.


The farm house from Spencer Gate (the original road connecting the farm yard to Sandridge Road.


The Farm House facing the farm yard. The Reynolds family was photographed outside this door in 1892.

Looking down what remained of the farmyard, with the cottage at the back of the farm house on the left.


The archway which connected the farmhouse to Heath Farm Lane, and Harpenden Road.



In 1911 there was an extensive group of farm building on the  North East of the farm house, but most were demolished in the 1920s or 30s. The building with the windows is almost certainly a survivor while the building with the high level door was probably built for the dairy when the other buildings were demolished.

This picture was clearly taken much earlier, possibly the 1930s, shown the platform which was probably used for loading and unloading the milk churns for the dairy.

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