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In the 1881& 1891 censuses New House Park was occupied by Henry Jenkins Gotto (born St Martins, Middlesex, 1828) a commissioner of Income Tax and a farmer (in 1881) a stationer (in 1891) with his wife Caroline, children and servants.

New Birklands School

     Among the many Dundee ladies who have won distinction for themselves in other parts of the country is Miss Cox, (daughter of the Rev. DR. Cox, Dundee), who for many years has carried on one of the most successful girls schools in London. Having found that the district surrounding Birklands School (which is situated in Highgate) was beginning, like so many other parts of the Metropolis, to be somewhat uncomfortably "built up," Miss Cox and her co-principal, Miss Smith, have decided to remove to a more open country. They have purchased a beautiful house about 1 miles from St Albans, Herts., which is one of the most picturesque towns in the South of England, possessing, too, a fine cathedral. I have seen several photographs of "New Birklands," as the school is to be called - a beautiful and stately mansion, standing in about 85 acres of its own ground. Recognising the value of physical exercise of all kinds Miss Cox and Miss Smith make ample provision for outdoor games. New Birklands comprises not only tennis courts and hockey ground, but a fine cricket pitch and a 9-hole golf course. A new gymnasium 60 feet long and a school sanatorium are in the course of erection. While enjoying all the health giving pleasures of country life, the pupils at New Birklands can also share the advantages of the town, St Pancras being reached in half-an-hour by train. When we combine with all these advantages, the splendid teaching which has always been a feature of Miss Cox's school, it is not too much to prophesy a very successful future for New Birklands.

Dundee Courier 7 February 1905

New Birklands School, St Albans, pc by Monteville Evans, St Albans  

New Birklands, St Albans

by Monteville Evans, St Albans

Posted 15 May, 1909

New Birklands, St Albans

by Elliott & Fry

Posted 21 December 1906

  New Birklands School, St ALbans, pc by Elliott & Fry


Cox & Smith (misses), Ladies Boarding School, New Birklands, London Colney  1908

Times 24 December 1908: Marriages: On the 22nd inst., at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, London, by the Rev Arthur Gates, M.A. Naval Chaplain,  Charles Bowler Chegwyn, eldesrt son of the late Captain J. Clegwyn, R.N. to Elizabeth Helen Cox of New Birklands, St Albans, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Cox, of Dundee.


In the 1911 census Charles Chegwyn, organising secretary of the Primrose League, and Elizabeth Chegwyn, school mistress, were living at "Whitecroft", St Albans.


In the 1912 and 1922 Kelly's Directory the listing reads.  Mrs E. H. Chegwyn, Boarding School for Girls, New Birklands, London Road, St Albans

Garden at New Birklands School, St Albans - pc by Elliott & Fry  

Garden at New Birklands, St Albans

by Elliott & Fry

Posted 14 March 1909

Dining Room at New Birklands, St Albans

by Elliott & Fry


Dining Room, New Birklands School, St Albans, pc by Elliott & Fry


1929 Miss Maud Ellen Stoker, Birklands, London Road, St Albans, TN68


1949 Birklands Girls School (Miss L. A. Langridge M.A. principal) London Road, St Albans. TN 68


Birklands School, St Albans

Photographs of Birklands - probably from the 1930s

Birklands School stands in an open, bracing situation, on gravel soil, in its own grounds of about 40 acres, finely timbered and comprising excellent Lacrosse and Netball Grounds, twelve Tennis Courts (of which two are hard), Golf Course and beautiful Pleasure Gardens, Meadow and Park land.

Resident pupils only are received, and there is a highly-qualified staff of teachers, both English and Foreign. Visiting London Masters and Lecturers attend the School daily and the girls are escorted to town, when desired, for sight-seeing, concerts, etc.

The teaching throughout the School is on modern lines and the curriculum extensive. The girls are prepared for Public Examinations and the Universities if parents wish.

All Games and Physical Exercises are under the supervision of a trained resident Mistress, and there is a large and well-equipped Gymnasium. A large Swimming Bath with filtration plant of the most recent design has been installed. Remedial Exercises and Massage are given when required. An experienced trained Sister has the care of the pupils' health.

Description from School - 1959

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