Post Card Paintings

by Sid Gardner

(Raphel Tuck & Sons)

St Albans Abbey - oil painting of post card by Tuck  

Raphael Tuck & Sons


"St Albans" Series No 7752


Earliest known posting date: March 1908

Sidney Valentine Gardner (1869-1957) was a Nottingham based artist, one of a number from that city who was attracted to the North Yorkshire village of Staithes where he exhibited with the Staithes Group of artists.  He was elected a member of the Staithes Art Club in 1903 and of the Nottingham Society of Artists in 1908 and exhibited with the Society 73 times. He also exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists. As far as I can gather few of his paintings were made into postcards and this set may be the only ones of Hertfordshire.

Sopwell Ruins

  Sopwell Nunnery Ruins - oil painting on a post card by Tuck


Holywell Hill



St Michael's Bridge

  St Michael's Bridge, St Albans, Oil painting by SId Gardner on post card by Tuck


There was almost certainly a sixth card in this set. Can anyone tell me what it showed - or even better - let me have a digital image, including the text on the back, that I can post here.



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