The Old Workhouse,


(The Gas House)

The following is the first paragraph of the description in
 Notes on Stevenage Illustrated, 1902

About the year 1721 it was thought advisable for the parish to have a workhouse for the poor, and on the 9th May, the following agreement was drawn up: "Between Henry Trigg and the parish of Stevenage at a full vestry held at Widow Wright's at the Rose and Crown. That is to say that the said Henry Trigg for and in consideration of the yearly rent paid of the sum of one pound ten shillings, he has, the said Henry Trigg, let and assigned over to the said Parish of Stevenage the Barn now standing and being ill the said Henry Trigg'" yard adjoining to the Back Lane. 'With a free lett into the said Henry 'l'rigg's of any of the Parish Officers or any persons they shall ,"Debbutisee' or otherwise to enter the said Barn, the back Lane way to come to the said Barn. By this Article agreed for and further the said Henry Trigg is to allow the said Parish the sum of Five pounds percent. for all money they shall lay out on the said Barn, by way of making conveniences for a workhouse and to grant them a lease for twenty-one years. Memorandum. The said Henry Trigg is to make a Way into the Barn some other way and not for the parish to enter into the said Barn the Yard Way, and to enter the same at Midsummer next. Signed, HENRY TRIGG Witness, BENG. KINGHAM." This agreement appears not to have been entered into, for Trigg died soon afterwards, and he was placed in his coffin on the rafters of this barn. On the 6th June, 1722. at the usual monthly vestry. it was decided that George Crouch, John Greatorex (church wardens), and George Hitchiu, jun., shall have power to take any house for the purpose of a workhouse and a rate of 6d. in the pound was agreed to for meeting the charges; aud on the J2th September, 1722, in vestry it was ordered that the officers of the parish be empowered to take Mr'. Crouch's house, and that the house be speedily put in order for the reception of the poor.



Gas House

(The Oldest House in Stevenage)


Published by Herbert J. Banks, Stationer & Bookseller, Stevenage

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This was formerly the Workhouse.