Who left town and where did they go?


Census Returns

When people leave an area it is often difficult to trace where they have gone. This example gives information on the people who had been born in Tring who were living in Devon and Cornwall in 1881.

The first census transcript to become available was the 1881 Census and this page was originally prepared to show one way in which the CD could be processed.


Henry T BRADFORD (11), John A BRADFORD (10) and Emily B BRADFORD (7) were living in Brixham with their father, Henry BRADFORD, Baptist Minister of Brixham. [The 1870 Trade Directory for Hertfordshire shows that the Rev Henry BRADFORD was living in Park Street West, Tring.]

Alfred COLLEYER (15) was working as a page at The Abbey, Tresco, Silly Islands. (He worked in the former home of Augustus Smith).

Katey EDDY (3), the daughter of a shoemaker, was living with her family in Redruth.

Elizabeth IVES (34), grocer, and her niece Elizabeth IVES (11) were living at Wolborough [part of Newton Abbot]

The crew of the ship "Audacious", at harbour in Devonport, included leading seaman Lewis KENNINGS (26)

Mrs Fanny PRUDENCE (79), a widow with private means, was living at Rock View House, Chudleigh.

Charlotte RAKE (26) was a first hand dressmaker working in a large dress making establishment at No 4, the Strand, Dawlish

Clara A SMITH (62) was an annuitant, born at Tring Grange, and living at St Mary Magdalene, Cornwall

Robert SMITH (33) was a hawker lodging in Callington.

Maria TIMMS (32) was a cook working for a Barrister living at Buckfastleigh

1851 Census (from Ancestry index)

People born in Tring living in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset

Name   Born   Residence
Thomas Dudd   abt 1817   Bath St James, Somerset
Hannah Gosling   abt 1841   Taunton St Mary Magdalen, Somerset
Harriet Gosling   abt 1843   Taunton St Mary Magdalen, Somerset
Mary Gosling   abt 1839   Taunton St Mary Magdalen, Somerset
Josiah Saunders   abt 1833   Portland, Dorset
Clara Smith   abt 1820   Werrington, Devon
Sophia Stirling   abt 1821   Plymouth Charles The Martyr, Devon

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