Tring's Implement Gate, early 1900s

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Implement Gate, Tring - post card by Howlett

Implement Gate, Tring, Postcard by Valentine and De Fraine  

The Tring Implement Gate was made by special order by Gilbert Grace of Tring for Mr Mead, of New Mill, Tring, in the early 1900s and was locally believed believed to be unique. At the time it was featured in many post cards such as the above card by C.A. Howlett, of Tring, or the coloured card, which is a Valentine card, taken in 1909, and also printed uncoloured.

The gate has been moved a couple of miles and is now in Church Farm Lane, Marsworth.

Recently I was searching the internet to try any find information on the publisher of some unusual post cards of Berkhamsted and Harpenden. These cards were characterised by a distinctive LN logo, and were numbered in "Castle Series of View Cards."

This card was the only one on ebay to respond to the search for "Castle Series of View Cards" and I was so excited to find one example (No. 611) I almost forgot to look at the picture! It is a virtually identical implement gate!!!


Implement Gate, Holly Lodge, Northampton

Implement Gate, Holly Lodge, Northampton

An unusual gate comprising gardening tools on the entrance to Holly Lodge. the gate was designed by Philadelphius Jeyes and manufactured by Allchin of Northampton (later famous for the Allchin Traction Engines), they were erected in 1861.


Holly Lodge was constructed between 1857 and 1861 for Philadelphius Jeyes the founder of the Northampton Chemists of the same name. It has been built on or very close to the old Boughton Park boundary on the site of an existing building which was incorporated into the design. Holly Lodge was designed by Alexander Milne a Northampton based architect, it has castellated facades matching other Boughton Park structures and in the frontage to the Moulton - Boughton Road is an almost exact replica of the Spectacle folly.


The famous Farm Implement Gate constructed from 12 replica farm implements: 2 Hay Forks, 2 Sickles, A Scythe, A Rake, A Shepherd's Crook, A Ditch Cutter, A Stable Fork, A Flail, A Spade, A Woodman's Axe.


The above description comes from the Waymarking web site, which also has two modern pictures of the gate.


Grace's records show that the gate at Tring was made by them for Mr. Mead, and it is reasonable to assume that they worked from a photograph of the gate - perhaps a postcard.


The Implement Gate, Marsworth

Photograph of the "Tring Gate" gate by David Hellas on Geograph

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