The Peace Parade,

19th July, 1919,

at Watford


A Peace Day Decorated Cart

There is no title on the picture side and no publisher clues on the address side. At some time someone has written the word Watford in pencil.

This float is clearly dressed up for an event and the "bride" at the front of the cart is labelled Peace. The flags displayed include the Union Jack, the Stars and Stripes, the Italian flag and one which is almost certainly the French flag. It seems very likely that this is a Peace Day float, for the celebrations on 19th July, 1919.

  Peace Day Float with flags and a lady dressed as Peace

If the post card is at Watford it might be possible to identify the float from press coverage of Peace Day in the Watford Observer.

In the meantime can you help identify it -and any of the people on the float?


Picture Identity Confirmed!


Janet French writes: I have been looking at your Watford pages. My Grandmother Clarice Ellen SAUNDERS (married name Powell) was born in Watford and her father and mother Alfred Saunders and Harriet Ann Saunders had a business in Carey Place. Alfred was a coal merchant, furniture remover and also had the licence to carry the mail from the station to the Post office. Unfortunately he died in 1919. Harriet did not die until 1957 and was a resident at 2 Almshouses Vicarage Road. Although I was initially searching for information about these almshouses I clicked on the section called 'Peace Parade 1919' - and I couldn't believe my eyes - there was my Grandmother dressed as 'Britannia' complete with trident. I know it is definitely her as I have seen a photo of her dressed up for this in another photo in the family collection - also anyway I recognised her straight away! 

The Alms Houses, Vicarage Road  (Demolished in 1960s)

Picture from Watford, by Judith Knight

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