Hertfordshire Postcard Artists, Photographers, Publishers, etc.

André & Sleigh

of Bushey



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"Those Old College Days" by W. Rainey

engraved by André & Sleigh Ltd, Bushey

Published in The Black and White, 1894

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Memorial Theatre, Stratford

copyright André & Sleigh Ltd, Bushey, Herts

Early post card, example posted in 1901

"Hatching Green," Harpenden, Herts

One of a number of  post cards of Harpenden

by Ernest Heasman

published by André & Sleigh Ltd, Bushey


1895 Photo etchers & designers, Bushey Grove Road

1912 Photo etchers & designers, Bushey Grove & Bushey Hall Road, Bushey.

André & Sleigh Ltd.

This firm was one of the earliest process firms in Britain, producing work of very high quality. Owned by Cassell’s, it was originally formed by Richard André and nephews. David Greenhill became manager after leaving Bemrose Dalziel in 1909, and, together with Charles F. Cook (also of Bemrose) and A.G. Symmons, developed the firm’s gravure printing facilities. When André & Sleigh’s work was exhibited at the Agricultural Hall, London, in 1914, Edward Hunter of Anglo Engraving was sufficiently impressed by its quality to negotiate with Cassell’s for the purchase of the firm. The sale took place later that year.

André, Sleigh & Anglo Ltd.

The company was created in August 1914 upon the acquisition of André & Sleigh and Bushey Colour Press by Edward Hunter’s Anglo Engraving Co. of London. Sir Arthur Spurgeon, of Cassell’s, was appointed chairman, and David Greenhill became a director and the company’s general manager. In 1916, André, Sleigh & Anglo acquired Ashworth, Meredith & Downer Ltd., a small blockmaking company in London. In 1919, André, Sleigh & Anglo acquired Menpes Printing and Engraving Co. and consolidated operations in the Menpes factory on Whippendell Road in Watford, under the banner of the Sun Engraving Company.

Sun Engraving Co. Ltd.

In 1911, the name ‘Sun Engraving Co.’ became available. Edward Hunter and his partners adopted this name for a new engraving firm they established at Milford House, just off the Strand, in London.

In 1919, while retaining Milford House as the company’s London head office, Sun Engraving absorbed André, Sleigh & Anglo, consolidated all production operations under one roof at Whippendell Road, Watford, in the premises that had formerly been known as Menpes Printing and Engraving Co., and began using the Sun Engraving name exclusively. The newly updated works were ‘christened’ in July 1919 with a sit-down luncheon for all staff, who by then numbered close to a thousand.

From the History of Sun Printers, Whippendale Road, Watford

In 1891 Richard Andre (48, Artist in Oil and Water Colours, born London) was living at Melrose, Aldenham Road, Bushey with wife Clara (37, born Marseilles, France) and two daughters born in Sussex. Meanwhile, at Alphington, Bushey Grove Road, Elizaneth Sleigh (40, widow, born City of London) and family including Wallace R Sleigh (21, ?? artist, born New York) and Arthur B  Sleigh (20, artist, born City of London).

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