Stereoscopic Views by Frederick Downer of Watford

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Frederick Downer Biography

Hertford Mercury, 6th July 1867


If there had been no "title" on the back this view of a garden, with a large house in the distance almost concealed with trees, would be difficult to place and date as Frederick Downer was already a photographer in 1871 through to the 19th century.

However Judge John Theophilus Rivaz retired to Watford some time between 1871 (census) and 1878 (trade directory). He lived in Watford Place and died there in 1882. (See here for detailed family history information). This suggests the picture is of

The Garden at Watford Place

circa 1880

Holmes Stereoscope  

These stereoscopic photographs were undoubtedly made to be viewed using a Holmes Stereoscope such as this one.

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Stereoscopic View of the Nave of St Albans Abbey

by Frederick Downer


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