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The Hertford Series


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Fore Street, Hertford, Herts - Hertfield Series - circa 1903 picture  

Hertford: Fore Street No 3 - "The Hertford Series" No. 17. - Style/back suggests circ 1903

Posted 10 April 1906

Hertingfordbury - No 4

Hertingfordbury Church - No 5   R & S - Coloured and uncoloured

Hertford  "Goldings Lodge" - No 7

Hertford - Goldings - No 8 pu 1905 DL

Hertford - Maidenhead Street - No 14 pu 1906 DL

Hertford - The Infirmary - No 16

Hertford Heath

Hertford Heath
"The Hertford Series" No 11 - Posted 1907


The Overflow, Waterford Marsh
Postcard, circa 1904, by R & S, "The Hertford Series" No 9. Printed in Germany

Also known uncoloured, No "R & S" but otherwise identical back



Query ??? Watton Series

Post card of the High Street, Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire  

Watton, High Street


Copyright "The Watton Series" No. 4 . Posted 1905


The Bull Inn can be seen in the distance


Card posted by Ada to No 3704 Sergt. H. A. Penn, C Company, 1st Northamptonshire Regt., Jullundur, Punjab, India

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