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James Thomas Newman

Photographer & Post Card Publisher



The Newman Children circa 1903.

It is not certain which daughter is missing.


Theodore Frank (1886)

Marjorie Alice H (1888)

Gladys Dorothy M (1890)

Percival James (1892)

Muriel Elsie O (1894)

Kathleen Elizabeth Janet (1895)

 Mary Irene Christine (1898)

Vera Octavia Beatrice (1899)

  Janet Newman, photograohed by her father, J T Newman, Berkhamsted

Alice & Frank (CDV)


Janet (Cabinet Card)

Dorothy & Marjorie (Cabinet Card)

Mary (Cabinet Card)   Mary & Vera

Joseph & Sarah Biggs 0 40th Wedding Anniversary Phot, J T Newman, Berkhamsted


The elderly couple are Joseph & Sarah Biggs, who were the father of Alice Newman (nee Biggs) The family on the right are believed to be Alfred Bernhard Cooper & Mary (Pollie, nee Biggs) and children - eldest boy Neville C Cooper born c1896, then Alfred T Cooper born c1898, then Florence G Cooper born c 1900, and baby ????.  If these are correct it suggest a date for the photograph of circa 1905 The six people on the left are thought to be the couple's children Emily (later Davies), Frederick, Annie (later Gillooly), Alice Newman (nee Biggs), Sarah (deaf and dumb) and Louisa.

James T Newman, photographer, Golden Wedding at Cornerfield, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Golden Wedding, April 30, 1935 at Cornerfield, Berkhamsted

scan provided by Barbara Hoare

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