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Bernards Heath

My family has been associated with Bernards Heath since my great grandfather, Jacob Reynolds, took the tenancy of Heath Farm in 1871. Heath Farm was eventually demolished in the mid 1970's to make way for "The Limes" and in the late 1980's I discussed the possibility of writing a history with Beryl Grove, who was a granddaughter of Jacob Reynolds and the last person to live in the Farm. Unfortunately Beryl died in 1991, and since then I have collected an enormous amount of information on Heath Farm, on Bernards Heath, and its surroundings - particularly before about 1900.

The aim is to produce a full length book, along the lines of my book The London Gunners come to Town, but progress has been slow. A few months ago I was asked by the Bernards Heath Village Green Preservation Society to give a talk on the history of Bernards Heath, and the area they hope to register as a village green.

This booklet is a record of the talk I gave, including the slides I used and a supporting text. I intend to continue working on the full length book, which will contain full acknowledgements to the many who helped me, together with references to the source used. More work needs doing and at the end of this booklet I include a "wants" list and if you can help me I will be delighted to hear from you.

Chris Reynolds

November 2000

Map of Bernards Heath circa 1880

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