A Publication by Chris Reynolds

A Short History of

Bernards Heath

St Albans

by Chris Reynolds



St Albans



Bernards Heath

The following consists of the slides and edited text of a lecture given to the Bernards Heath Village Green Protection Society and later published as a booklet to help raise funds for the Society


Map of Bernards Heath in 1883
Iron Age
The Roman Period
Abbot Ulsinus
The Domesday Book
The Peasants Revolt
Second Battle of St Albans
How big was Bernards Heath
Windmills on Bernards Heath
The Beginnings of Windmill/Heath Farm
Early Brickmaking on Bernards Heath
Map of the Bernards Heath Brick Works
Benjamin Fowler's Brickworks
G F Arnold's Brickworks
The Beech Bottom Shooting Range
Sport on the Heath
Crime on the Heath
Sandridge New Town - circa 1900
Wiles & Lewis's Tallow Works
The Aftermath of Brickmaking
Jacob Reynolds of Heath Farm
Heath Farm Dairy
St Saviour's Church

Review from the Herts Advertiser

For more information see The History of Bernards Heath

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