The London Gunners Come to Town

A book by Bertha and Chris Reynolds


Section 2

Childhood Memories


The personal reminiscences of Frances Bertha Locke (ne Locke)

describing her life during the First World War, as told to her son nearly 80 years later.

Louis Wain picture from one of Bertha's Books


Chapter 2

Early Days


Chapter 3

Life at Home


Chapter 4

Schooling and Childhood Friends

Oakley Lodge School later moved in Marlowes and became Coombrook School. Came you help identify  the children in the 1922 picture?

Chapter 5

The Local Shops

Chapter 5 has been reprinted, in an edited form, as A Walk along the High Street: Hemel Hempstead 85 years ago.

Chapter 6

A Stroll Around Hemel Hempstead


Chapter 7

Events and Holidays


Chapter 8

A Child's View of the War


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