The London Gunners Come to Town

A book by Bertha and Chris Reynolds


Section 4

The Soldier's Tale



In August 1914 Major Adrian C Gordon, of the 16th County of London Battery, 6th London Brigade R.F.A, 2nd London Division (Territorial Force), was billeted with the Locke Family.


He, his men, and fellow officers, stayed in Hemel Hempstead until March, 1915, before going to fight in France..


The Battle of Loos - Where Major Gordon won his D.S.O.
(not coloured in book)


The first few chapters in this section are summarised in the illustrated talk The Terriers in West Herts in World War 1, which includes some brief extracts and pictures from the book, and material from the working notes for the book or not available when the book was published.

Chapter 16

To War Stations at Hemel Hempstead (pdf)

Chapter 17

Training at Hemel Hempstead

The Fair Sex - an extract dealing with the problems of the troops and the young ladies living in the area.

Military Exercises - Details of a planned exercise in the Sandridge area

Chapter 18

Military Events and Excursions

Lord Kitchener inspected the troops at Gorhambury, September 29th, 1914

A Military Christmas in Hertfordshire is an article based on the book describing the Christmas of 1914 as seen by the troops training in Hertfordshire

Chapter 19

The First Year at the Front


Chapter 20

From Hemel Hempstead to France


Chapter 21

From Loos to High Wood

Chapter 22

The Later Troops at Hemel Hempstead


Chapter 23

Lt. Col. Gordon. and the 235th Brigade

The Death of Colonel A. C. Gordon


Chapter 24

Fighting to the End



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